5 Podcasts to Binge During Your Spring Break Staycation

Staycations can certainly seem less glamorous than jetting off to a beach or the mountains, but to tell you the truth, I’m very excited to have little-to-no plans. In fact, one of my only plans is to sit back and enjoy some podcasts.

Here are five great podcasts in different genres that you should check out over the break.


Husband and wife duo Griffin and Rachel McElroy host a weekly show where they talk about things that are Wonderful! Each week, they each bring in two things that they love and talk about why they love them. This is everything from Halloween candy to indie music to the aurora borealis to zambonis. There are no limits to their endless positivity and love for the world around them.

  • Episodes: 73
  • Average episode length: 50 minutes

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Incredibly gripping, reporter Sarah Koenig digs deep in American true crime stories to get an incredibly complex and nuanced look at what the justice system looks like in our country. It’s no wonder Serial is highly critically acclaimed. The first season deals with a cold case murder in 1999, season two is about an American soldier who strayed from his base and was held hostage by the Taliban for five years, and season three simply follows different stories in a courthouse in Ohio. All three stories will challenge the way you think about the world around you.

  • Seasons: 3
  • Episodes: 36
  • Average episode length: 47 minutes


Lit is Lit

Shameless plug here: my best friend, Abby Scadden, and I have started a comedy podcast about literature. We review and analyze poetry, short stories, and books, and we’re a brand new show that would appreciate you checking us out! We try to stay on topic, but a lot of literature is depressing so we tend to goof off on tangents.

  • Episodes: 2
  • Average episode length: 41 minutes

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A marital tour of misguided medicine! Sawbones is my favorite podcast of all time, hosted by husband and wife duo Justin and Dr. Sydnee McElroy. They go over medical history and all the dumb things humans have tried to do to cure themselves. It’s incredibly funny and helped ease some of my anxieties about the human body (I’m incredibly queasy). They shed a lot of light on things that I otherwise would not have known about. They cover all sorts of topics, from patent medicines to hysteria to the plague to charcoal to vaccines. Check it out!

  • Episodes: 265
  • Average episode length: 39 minutes

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Don’t have time for all those marathoners above? Check out Positiviteeny! Erika Ishii, Amy Dallen, and Travis McElroy host bite-sized shows all about being positive and emotionally intelligent. They’re all less than ten minutes, and come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I like to listen while getting ready in the morning, they’re the perfect little pick-me-up for a busy day.

  • Episodes: 68
  • Average episode length: 7 minutes

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