4 Reasons to Add NBC "Good Girls" to your Watchlist

This past Sunday, Feb. 16 was the Season 3 premiere of NBC’s “Good Girls.” Of course, we cannot get into this season without first taking a moment, to mourn the passing of our loveable “gang friend,” Rio. Let us celebrate the freedom, however short lived, of the Book Club and the smorgasbord of different people who weave the tapestry of this conspiracy.

Here’s 4 reasons why I keep coming back to binge Good Girls:

  1. 1. For wholesome family content

    We get lovely glimpses into the lives of everyone in Book Club, even Leslie, and it humanizes the characters and their questionable actions. Everyone has their own set of problems, as Beth, Annie, and Ruby keep finding out.

    Despite their dodgy methods of income, they are first and foremost mothers. The scenes of laughter and joy, and even sadness and stress, convey the strong bonds between families and friends. When Stan comes home and the kids run up to him for a hug, that’s a moment. When Beth walks up to Dean, hugs him, and cries, that’s a moment of vulnerability for the supermom. Even the ever-frolicking Annie has some moments of vulnerability with Sadie, Greg, and Nancy. If you love a hearty dose of poignant characterizations, look no further.

  2. 2. To watch women kickin’ ass, taking names, and usurping power

    On top of all the heartwarming love and support, there is the unbreakable bond between the Book Club girls. In Season 2, the show went a bit into Ruby, Beth, and Annie’s ride-or-die past and the origins of their shenanigans. They grew up together, their kids grew up together, and is there anyone you’d rather rob a grocery store with and start a crime empire with than the ones you know will have your back when the going gets tough?

    Despite the pressure laid on her during Season 2 by FBI agent Turner, Ruby did not give up the operation. In tight moments, everyone knew and respected their roles and how they worked in conjunction with each other.

  3. 3. The soundtrack is queen

    I can always appreciate a show that masterfully weaves the perfect soundtrack into its story. The music not only emphasizes the moment but can also produce a physical reaction from the audience. Hairs raise on the back of your neck during transitions. A quick shudder runs through you during a slow-motion montage, set to the perfect tempo of the action onscreen. The goosebumps! The thrill!

    The Blacklist, Euphoria, Letterkenny, and Wynonna Earp are other TV shows that join Good Girls in nailing their soundtracks. Just in the Season 3 premiere there was at least 6 difference mood shifts, perfectly woven into the scenes through the musical score. The essence of each song either highlighted the ironies in the moment or perfectly accompanied a scene of action. Sophia Kennedy and Diana Ross in one spot? Only in Good Girls.

  4. 4. They’re building an empire, and it shows

    Not all innuendos in the show are sexual – some are just chalk full with the raw power contained in the story. Good Girls is a narrative that hits on themes about kings and queens and the power that gets to their heads. The dialogue, always fully loaded with the allure of their secret operations and the not-so-savory methods of their acquisitions, has a certain je ne sais quoi that feels reminiscent of Breaking Bad. Take that show, and cross it with some suburban baddies and piles upon piles of cold hard cash money.  

So, what are you waiting for? There is nothing stopping you from catching up with NBC’s Good Girls, seasons 1-2 streaming now on Netflix and seasons 1-3 on Hulu.