3 Tips to Be Ready for Black Friday

Are you shopping this Black Friday? Be prepared! 

  1. 1. Plan ahead!!!

    This one doesn't really need a description, but it is essential to executing the best Black Friday possible and hitting all the deals on your shopping list! Create a list of items and deals you specifically want to find. You could start by researching your favorite stores and their Black Friday deals at blackfriday.com– there are tons of stores participating! Then, try to make a route the day before shopping that will stop at all the stores on your list in the most efficient way. This way you will be less stressed by trying to find the stores and the deals, and can instead focus on your mission in the midst of the chaos. 

  2. 2. Limit your food intake this Thanksgiving 

    We all absolutely love to eat, especially Thanksgiving food with our families. However, think before you start to eat this Thanksgiving! If you are going to try to wake up before your regular sleep schedule, it would be best to try and hold back during the feasting because after eating a huge amount of food, you may be susceptible to a food coma. So, be careful eating before your Black Friday shopping. 

  3. 3. Remember to stay positive! 

    Black Friday shopping is known for the chaos and the violence that it can bring between people who are crazy for discounts. But, please keep in mind that you are in control of yourself, not your situation. So, try to stay positive because the worst outcome could be missing out on an amazing discount, which in the grand scheme of life is pretty insignificant in comparison to your mental health. If things get too crazy, don't be afraid to take a step back and reassess the chaos. 

Have fun and be safe this Black Friday shopping experience!