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3 Netflix Shows I Recommend Bingeing Over Spring Break

With finals lurking over you, this time of the quarter system can be tough. But, spring break is just around the corner. Whether you need something fun to watch on a plane or with the squad, I’ve got you covered with these three Netflix shows.

“I Am Not Okay With This”

Starring Sophia Lillis (from It), this series focuses on Syd as she manages her way through high school after her father committed suicide. Not only is she going through the normal motions of high school – exploring friendships, her own sexuality, and managing her life at home – but now she has discovered that her anger management skills aren’t like everyone else’s. She sort of has superpowers.

Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, this series has everything you’d expect from a Netflix original series and more!

“The Circle” 

Being one of Netflix’s first reality TV shows, The Circle does not disappoint. They have 8 contestants at all times, and they’ve never met face-to-face before. The contestants have to create social media accounts and interact through them to get to know each other. Every week, the two most popular players get to pick someone to eliminate from the show. But not everyone on the show is who they appear to be, and the drama ensues immediately in the first episode.  

Not going to lie, this show took me a bit to get into – maybe 2 or 3 episodes. But once I was in, I was hooked. If you like reality TV, this is definitely one you should give a shot. (There’s also a brand-new spin off show that premiered this week, The Circle: Brazil).

“Locke and Key” 

If you’re into fantasy shows, consider checking this one out!

After the murder of their father, the Locke family is uprooted and moves into his childhood home. As if starting at new schools isn’t hard enough, they discover the house has magic that unleashes weird happenings on themselves and others. It changes their appearances, looks inside their minds, and makes a door open to anywhere in the world! 

Based on the comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, this show keeps viewers on the edges of their seats the entire time and leaves you always wanting more. 

Hi, I’m Zoe! I am a sophomore at DU studying English and I’m from Colorado Springs, CO. I love reading and writing, listening to music and attending concerts, and hanging out with my family!
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