3 Easy Dorm Friendly Face Masks

The start of another school year is upon us, friends, and this means many things, but it also means it’s time to supplement your schoolwork with self-care! For example, here are some dorm friendly quick masks for a post-class solo spa night or a night of mocktails and movies with your hall-mates. 

First stop is a quick cleanser! In order to let that mask get to work, it’s necessary to cleanse the palette. A cleanser that I like to use is the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser (A full-size bottle is anywhere from $7-$9). Now that you’ve washed your face with your cleanser of choice, it is time to commence our masque-sterpiece.

Mud mask

We will start with a DIY mud mask option for those feeling ready to "get their mask on". Clay feels great and is a nice way to cool down the skin, while also extracting toxins. As a basic rule, the proportion/ratio should be 1:3 clay to water, but I would avoid using metal utensils to mix the clay as it will prematurely activate the metallic toxin-sucking properties which can reduce its effects on your skin. Keep in mind that there are so many options for clay, including bentonite, Amazonian, red, green, white, etc... Each type of clay will essentially do the same task (with minor variations) and a package of clay should last for many uses.  Once you’ve got the base, it’s time to add the fun toppings that do good things for your skin. Examples of these "toppings" are charcoal (detoxifying), turmeric (antibacterial, antiseptic), and/or essential oils (aromatherapy). Feel free to keep your mask on anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water or in the shower. Follow up with a strong moisturizer. 

Gelatin mask

The second mask to get the gunk out of your pores is a gelatin mask! You can get 4 packets of gelatin at any grocery store in the baking aisle. All you have to do is mix 1:2 parts gelatin to milk, and then microwave it for 15 seconds. The same extras apply, so while the mixture is warm add in anything you want to make your spa time extra special for you. That can be a couple of drops of essential oils, some charcoal capsules, or a squirt of aloe vera gel. Then, massage it onto your skin and wait for it to dry—resist the urge to crinkle your face—and then magically peel away all the gunk in your pores leaving you soft and smooth. Don't forget that moisturizer! 

Sheet mask

Sheet masks are a third option for the less-DIY-savvy! While you can definitely make your own, you can also get them anywhere from Dollar Tree to Target. They’re a fun, no-mess, no-stress way to pamper yourself. My favorite site is Shop Miss A where everything is right around $1! You may look vaguely threatening with the mask on your face, but your skin will thank you later for the care and attention!

Go forth, my lovelies, and pamper your peau!