2000's Toys You Forgot About

Get ready for some serious nostalgia: the toys we grew up with and loved... and some we didn't! Get ready to be reminded of things you forgot about and things that inspired our lives today! 

First things first- the basics. 

Next up- Everything pink, meaning Barbie, Polly Pockets, and Bratz dolls. 


I'm pretty sure THESE are the real reason we got good at hand jobs.. no one really knew why they were fun, but they were! They might also be the reason we are so bad at handjobs... I mean really, could they BE more awkward? (and heaven forbid they pop... even messier than the end result of a real handjob) 

When we got tired of all our toys we were sure to steal our brothers... Admit it, we loved their toys just as much as our own. 

However, sometimes even our brothers spy gear couldn't amount to the awesome gadgets we had ourselves... 

And last but not least, the source of all our modern day pinterest fails!