16 Things Overheard at the Bars Last Night

Border, Ceeg, Stad, you name it - it happened:

1. "Can we just go to FatShack now..." 

2. "F***ing gross, why do I always lose my shoes in the Border?"

3. “I’ll take two ~mystery~ shots.” 

4. "And guess what I found out today... he's a FRESHMAN."

5. "Okay all these people crossing the street at once is giving me way too much anxiety." 

6. “Sh** I lost my wallet - and my **** is in it!"

7. "I feel so irrelevent now like all these guys just want freshman."

8. “Okay no you know what, SCREW him you're better than that."

9. "Who TF keeps touching my butt?!"

10. "Who even are all these people?!" 

11. “I’m gonna find you a hookup tonight, it's gonna happen."

12. "ZBTahiti or Bright and Tight?"

13. "Text her and ask how Ceeg is, maybe we should go." 

14. “Juuuuusstttt onnneeee morreeee songgg!"

15. “I'll have champagne please - the whole bottle."