15 Reasons to Transfer from DU

If you’re considering coming to this school, you might want to check out this list before applying.


1. The weather is terrible. Who wants that much sun?

2. There is an overwhelming amount of Friday classes.

3. Views are mediocre at best, #basic.

4. We’re located in an awful city.

5. There’s nothing to do.

6. There’s nothing to see.

7. Campus is ugly, too. 

8. There is absolutely no school spirit.

9. Everyone skis all the time. Who does that?


10. Greek life is lame.

11. And it’s basically all anyone does…

12. There is a huge lack of diversity.

13. Students are unsuccessful…  

14. And super boring, to be honest.

15. Also, sports are crap.


Basically this place isn’t special.