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10 Things For Singles to Look Forward to In February

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DU chapter.

February can be daunting for everyone. But if you’re single, you’ve actually got it better than you think. Here’s what all the single ladies (and fellas) can get excited about in the coming month:

1. SAVINGS GALORE:If you are recently single, you may be worried that you have to face the most romantic holiday alone, but fear no more. Being single in February means you only have to buy for one person: YOURSELF. You’ll save tons by not buying that expensive gift you think your significant other must have.

2. DISCOUNT CANDIES:Another plus: you can put off buying the chocolates until the day after Valentine’s Day when basically every candy of your dream is half price. Or, you could even buy the ingredients to make your own.

3. THE MORE THE MERRIER:Without a relationship distracting you, you’ll be free to scope out all the campus activities February will hold. The more events, the merrier you’ll be!

**This also applies to the possible pounds one will gain from eating discount candy. The more of you to love, the merrier.

4. NETWORKING:This year you won’t be forced to fill the month with endless dates with your special friend, because now you can mix and mingle all you want instead!


5. ACTION-PACKED :You can finally skip all of the mushy gooshy romantic comedies and fill your weekend with action-packed activities, or just action-packed movies, or just naps.


6. ME MYSELF AND I:February is meant for YOU. Take this month to discover yourself again. Find a new hobby, or fall back in love with an old hobby. Do you, because that’s what this month was meant for.



7. TIME IS NOT MONEY:Being single means that time is whatever you make it. You no longer have to check in with someone else to approve the plans, you can do what you want whenever you want. Savor all the time you’ll have to yourself.

8. FUR NOT FUSS:Remember all those stressful hours you spent planning and prepping for a date? Those are gone, baby. Instead, you can end the fuss and buy yourself one of those fluffy teddy bears your significant other forgot to get you every other Valentine’s day. Treat yourself!

**“”Fur not Fuss” can also mean looking up cute, fuzzy animals online while staying in your pj’s all day instead of trying to impress that special someone.

9. GALENTINES DAY/ PALENTINES DAY:Why celebrate just one special person this February? Celebrate ALL of your special people with GALentine’s (ladies celebrating ladies) or PALentine’s (dudes celebrating dudes). Take the time to appreciate all of those people who loved you through the awkward stages of life.


(Some GALentine’s activities include:)

  • Spa day where you can gossip and get all of your emotions out

  • Dinner at your favorite restaurant

  • 90’s style sleepover (pillow fight included)

(Some PALentine’s activities:)

  • Playing video games until you go cross-eyed

  • Playing a sport to get all of your aggressions out

  • Eating your favorite snacks in front of the TV (talking optional)

10. RELAX RELAX RELAX:This is self-explanatory. Whatever it is you do to make the stress fade away, DO IT. Do a lot of it. February is for singles now, own it.



Third Year, Communication Studies and Journalism Major at the University of Denver. If this were a dating website I would tell you that I love long walks on the beach and romanitic coffee dates in hipster cafes.Sadly it's not, so I'll just tell you that I love Netflix, days where I don't need to put on pants, and my squad goals consist of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes.