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10 Coffee Shops to Visit this Spring Break

The Molecule Effect

To all my science lovers out there, this chemistry-themed coffee shop features amazing art and serves the best lavender-infused coffee. The Molecule Effect’s hip and friendly environment will definitely set the mood, whether you’re getting work done or chatting with a friend.  

Hudson Hill

Need a coffee shop for a first date? Group meeting? This is the place to go! You’ll find people working on their laptops while enjoying coffee, and those getting drinks from the bar and having a good time. 

On their menu, my personal favorite is the grilled cheese sandwich. It’s one of a kind and a must for cheese lovers. This perfectly-grilled deliciousness is served on a plate with spicy mustard on one side and jam on the other. Truly the perfect ying-yang combo. 

Keith’s Coffee

This homey coffee bar has a private library with books to read from while you sit, relax and get a drink. Themed coffees like the Valentine’s Day Raspberry Mocha are the perfect mix between sweet and coffee. They have baked goods, and their cheesy-heaven turkey ham sandwich is perfect for diving into any work you have. There’s nothing like good food and coffee when diving into work. 


Welcome to Mutiny, a grunge comic and book paradise. This coffee shop has always fascinated me. You can get lost among their shelves of books, comic variety and sticker collections. You can truly find everything, from a piano to a photobooth. Their variety of drinks isn’t wide, but the environment more than makes up for it to provide an amazing coffee shop experience.


Two words: Matcha. Latte. I have yet to find any that tastes better than the one I tried at Amethyst Coffee. I sat on a comfy couch near their fire pit and finished my homework. I felt grateful for the present moment, and I took a sip of my matcha.

Maria Empanada

Nothing says Hispanic better than Maria Empanada. Their tortilla Española is the closest I’ve come to the one my family makes. It brought me back home with just one bite. I fell in love with their Café con Leche, and their many Argentinian empanada options make me miss South America and my heart swell. As we say in Mexico: Panza llena, corazon contento. Which means: “Happy tummy, happy heart.”


At Stella’s, it’s just like you’re in your living room at home. It’s wholesome and everything you would want from a low-key coffee shop. If you go on a sunny day, you can sit on their porch and enjoy a drink along with one of their amazing burritos. 


Metropolis is located on Speer Blvd. It’s modern and simple, and it gets the mood going to get that one essay you’ve been putting off for days done. The Chai Tea is amazing, and the kind baristas will make your day. They’re the nicest I’ve encountered in Denver. 

La Belle Rosette

I’ve just discovered this coffee shop. I had been to Beans and Starbucks so many times, but I was missing out on this beautiful coffee shop located right at the end of DU’s campus. They have great coffee, as well as a happy hour for wine lovers. 


If Portland and Oregon met and had a baby, its name would be Pablo’s Coffee. It has a vintage look and old artifacts that will let you and your friends take a trip back in time.  

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