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Your Guide to Hagerty Library

We at Her Campus Drexel seriously love the Hagerty Library, enough that we even have an affectionate nickname for it (Club Hags, anyone?). Whether you’re studying for exams, completing group projects, or finishing homework assignments, the library is hands down one of the best places on campus to be productive. Unfortunately, navigating the halls of Drexel’s library can be somewhat difficult especially around prime studying times (midterms and finals). Here are some pointers for making your study session as painless as possible.


1. The third floor is the best floor.

The recently renovated third floor of the Hags is home to The Thomas R. Kline School of Law’s library and student study space, previously the Earle Mack Law Library. Perfect lighting, gorgeous hardwood tables, and tons of seating are all part of what makes the third floor so special. Although it is only available to the law students during the majority of the day, after 6 p.m. this area becomes open to anyone attending Drexel. For minimal traffic, be there right at 6 p.m.


2. Reserve a room.

Hagerty has 22 group study rooms that can be reserved on the library’s website. Reserving a room is perfect for any group work you need to do whether it’s for a project or a study session with classmates. These rooms even come equipped with dry erase boards (the markers themselves can be borrowed at the circulation desk). Around midterms and finals, the library is packed so I highly recommend reserving a room in advance so that you’re guaranteed a space to work.  


3. Use those cubbies.

For those of us who get easily distracted by our friends, maybe group study rooms aren’t the best idea. The solution? Individual cubbies located on every floor of Hagerty. If you’re having a really intense study session, the basement’s cubbies are in a quiet room. Concentrating on your work takes almost no effort when you’re surrounded on three sides by a desk.


4. Try not to show up during peak hours.

Around 3 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m., the library is packed. Unless you’ve reserved a room, you might be hard-pressed to find space during high-traffic hours.


5. There’s an electronic MacBook dispenser.

You’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; this actually exists. The MacBook dispenser functions just like a soda machine. Just put in your DragonCard and make sure to return the computer within 5 hours. This is perfect for anyone whose computer is too heavy or too slow to bring to the library.


6. Students can use the printer.

We’ve all been there — the printer in your room doesn’t work and your floormates aren’t having too much luck with theirs either. Luckily, Hagerty lets you print your work for just 10 cents per page or 8 cents if it’s double-sided.


7. It has sources for your essay.

Of course the library has an array of physical books that can be used as sources for your project but its collection of e-Resources are just as impressive.  To access them click here.


8. Don’t be the person who watches Netflix in a prime library spot.

I think we can all agree that it’s very frustrating to see one of the best spots in Hagerty being used by someone who only wanted to binge watch his or her favorite TV show. Procrastinate somewhere else, please.


9. You can rent movies.

For those days when you need to de-stress and Netflix just isn’t good enough, the library’s film selection isn’t too shabby. The Hags has older movies as well as newer ones. Find their DVD collection next to the circulation desk.


Next time you’re feeling distracted by your roommates, the Internet, or your phone, try changing your study environment to the library. Hopefully these tips will have you taking advantage of all that Hagerty has to offer!


Sarah is a Marketing and Technology & Innovation Management major from Brooklyn, NY. In her free time she enjoys reading lifestyle/fashion/beauty blogs and literature, trying to get her life together, watching Netflix, and spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media. 
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