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Your Guide to Being an Engaged Citizen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

As college students, we spend so much time expanding our knowledge about almost everything but current events. People say that teenagers are ignorant, but in reality, we are so consumed by our other obligations that taking the time to read up the news becomes procrastinating. We feel that if we are reading the news, we might as well be putting that time into reading our textbooks. The world is starting to acknowledge how timed constrained both adults and college students are and are making staying informed with the news much more accessible. Below are five different ways that help us stay updated without the burden of time carrying us away.


The only word I have to describe the Skimm is phenomenal. Every morning, theSkimm sends an email with dozens of news stories, all concisely explained, equating to about the length of one newspaper article in total. Besides theSkimm’s concision, theSkimm understands that people begin to follow theSkimm at different times, and therefore, gives background information as well to keep the reader up to date. theSkimm keeps their stories relevant and unbiased and is perfect for a busy college student.

Image courtesy of theSkimm

Betches SUP

The Betches SUP often has relevant serious news stories but it also caters to the news of pop culture. This news medium tries to convey news stories in a more light-hearted manner to keep the news interesting and engaging. The Betches SUP is the perfect one-stop shop for women looking for fashion tips, advice, and staying informed with the news.

The News Feather

Another great source of news I found was the News Feather. Even more concise than theSkimm and Betches SUP, the News Feather succinctly gives you all of the important news stories you need to know in a series of bullet points. As a college student, I like anything bullet-pointed, and I think this news medium is perfect for those of us who really have minimal time.

Good Luck America – Snapchat Explore

Let’s be honest, if we are on Snapchat, we are procrastinating. So why don’t we use our time on Snapchat wisely? On Snapchat Explore, Snapchat made a news channel called “Good Luck America” that spells out essentially what is occurring in politics in real time in a roughly five-minute video sequence. The channel is clear and concise and really does a great job explaining what is happening for people who are not as politically engaged.    

1010 WINS-AM radio

If you want to go old style and have a little more time on your hands, 1010 WINS literally tells you all you need to know in twenty-two minutes. Their slogan, “You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world” encapsulates their mission statement. It is a station based in New York City, but really it shares national news stories.

I hope these helpful tips encourage you to stay engaged in what is occurring around us, even if it means resorting to bullet points!

Clara Loeb

Drexel '23

Hi! My name is Clara Loeb, and I am a Nursing student a Drexel University. I love writing and am excited to be writing for Her Campus at Drexel!
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