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What to Do When You’re Sick on Campus

Ah, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia – not! With this weather fluctuating so much, it’s hard to avoid getting sick. Not having Mom taking care of you is super hard when you start to get the sniffles and have no one but your roommate to bring you some soup, but don’t worry! These steps will help you feel a lot better when you are away from the comfort of your home.


1. Drink tons of fluids

This is the rule of thumb for whenever you are not feeling well. You normally need around nine cups of water a day, but if you are throwing up or have a fever, it is recommended that you hydrate even more. Stay away from soda or any caffeinated drinks and stick with tea, water and the holy grail when you are sick: chicken soup.


2. Eat healthy

Even if eating healthy in college might seem hard, you should eat extra clean when you are sick. Chicken soup is always a great meal when you are dealing with a high fever and sore throat and avoiding greasy food and dairy will speed up your recovery. Stick to drinking fluids (see number one) and consuming soups, Jell-O and saltines.


3. Visit the health center

If you dread going to a doctor’s office, this might be the best thing you can do if you are still plagued with sickness after a few days. From blood work to antibiotics, the health center at your university will provide you with the right services for you to get better. Make sure you call ahead of time to be able to schedule an appointment and if they are not available, go to the emergency room with a friend.


4. Sleep and rest

Despite the few midterms you have and papers to write, you should stay in bed and rest. It is better to miss a few days because you are focusing on your health rather than going out and being exposed to bad weather and the risk of spreading germs. Stay in bed, binge-watch an entire season of Gossip Girl and take a “me” day. Make sure you email your professor to let them know you are missing class because you are sick and ask for any assignments so you can stay on top of everything.


5. Call home

Calling home and talking to your family will put a smile on your face. From asking for homemade remedies to receiving an “I love you” from your mom, a quick phone call home will give you the strength to fight through the sickness!

We know that being sick is the worst and that it really takes a toll on you, but follow these tips and you will feel better in no time, Dragons!

Orly is a Venezuelan senior at Drexel University majoring in Public Relations and double minoring in marketing and writing. In her free time, you can find her in a coffee shop writing, color-coding her way through life or binge watching One Tree Hill for the fifth time. She manages HCD's Facebook page as well as their Twitter and hopes to make a career out of social media someday.
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