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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

It seems like in the world where digital media and content creators are at an all-time high, the drama and “tea” that come along with them are everyone’s best friends. YouTube was a place to search for funny videos to spend your time, look up tricks and how-to(s) for makeup, fashion and whatnot. Now it’s a place to see which beauty guru has it out for another or who got caught up in yet another scandal. In the midst of that, who are some of the YouTubers that have remained consistent with the love for the content they create and the simple act of sharing their work with their fans? This list, while it does discuss some of my personal favorites, could be the one to introduce you to some of your new light-watch YouTube channels that actually help you unwind after a long day for a quick video before bed. 

Ashley (bestdressed on YouTube)

Ashley is a graduate of UCLA’s film school and is known for her unique content and the fact that her channel is full of videos from different categories. Ranging from, quite obviously, fashion to heart-to-hearts on topics we can all relate to but never talk about, it’s always refreshing to watch her go at it without caring about the stereotypes of society. Reasons to love her: affordable options, pretty stuff (!!), good advice and witty comments every 10 or so minutes that weirdly enough will never annoy you. She has worked her way up based on hard work alone and has recently launched her own jewelry line as well.

My love for Ashley stems purely from how easygoing and fun her content is to watch. I stumbled upon her content two years ago by sheer luck and was introduced to the world of thrift flips and all things aesthetically pleasing. To this day, she remains my top-watched YouTuber and a person that’s like an idol for me. It is safe to say that she has also influenced my style at the slightest because as a newly broque college student, there’s only so much I can take away from the fashion side of Youtube. 

Hillary Trinh (hyulari on YouTube)


Okay. Maybe I gravitate towards a particular type of YouTubers (aka live on the West Coast, belong to one of the UCs and whatnot) but trust me, she’s only the (second to) last one. Hillary is another beauty YouTuber who has that chill and minimalistic aesthetic to both her Instagram feed and her YT channel. She’s known to take long breaks sometimes because of her college life but whenever she returns, it’s with amazing content. Her channel focuses on makeup and reviews but she also posts vlogs and lookbooks. 

The thing that made me a fan of her work, aside from the aesthetic, is her extremely soft voice that is super relaxing to listen to, her amazing graphic eyeliner as pictured above, her taste in music which matches mine and the fact that she’s genuine in her work. Currently wishing for her to post more content though, fingers crossed. 

Nina Yu (oh no nina on YouTube) 

Nina Yu is the embodiment of everything pure and talented in this entire list. She works hard, she treats her subscribers like her family and she always has new content to post along with the series she manages. Nina, a recent graduate from UCB, is yet another one of my picks for the aesthetic videos that bring you peace and relaxation. Her series “not really studying with nina” was what actually drove me to get my act together and study to get to college. Nina’s channel boasts a variety of series like vlogs on college and others on just life, art with nina, fashion videos and beauty videos.

Nina radiates an air of positivity and goofiness with the right amount of driven and focused. Another plus point: she loves BTS as much as I do. Her videos will fill you up with love for the girl and positivity for yourself, so don’t forget to drop by. 


Ashley Claire (Ashley Claire on Youtube)

Yes, another Ashley. This one even closer to my heart because she’s one of my best friends in college. Ashley Claire is an 18 y/o who has accomplished many things already including releasing her own music, writing her own songs and is in the process of working on another project; all while getting into college. Her YouTube channel is what introduced me to her way before we met, so you know it’s real. 

Posting consistently, simply because she loves YouTube, her channel carries around 100 videos for you to binge-watch. A majority of the videos are either vlogs so you can witness the day-to-day of an ever-changing journey or covers of songs that she holds close to her heart. As someone who has witnessed the behind-the-scenes along with the finished product, her channel is one that embodies the life of a hard-working college student making her way through life. Another plus: She’s also an ARMY. Don’t forget to stream her music on all platforms too!

Ricci Pamintuan and Cassie Masangkay (ToThe9s on YouTube)

ToThe9s is one of my most recent finds after I decided to try out film photography once again. Their channel is the top choice for learning more about film along with fashion. Their videos usually center around fashion such as lookbooks and hauls and the channel carries the same aesthetic as the other picks.

The part I loved the most about their channel is the fact that you’re introduced to new music every time, the editing techniques are unique and aesthetically pleasing and their vlogs are a smooth watch to pass time at ease.

This was a short list of the top Youtubers that I love and want you to love. Hopefully, the series will contiue and the topic will shift to more underrated and unproblematic things for you to indulge in! Until then, have an amazing time. 

Meerat Qaiser Khan is an international student from Lahore, Pakistan at Drexel University, studying biology on the pre-med track. With a passion for all things writing, food and kpop related, her dream is to live in the Gladstone's Library once before she can die in peace. A fan of BTS and @bestdressed on youtube with an unhealthy obsession for chai, she plans on exploring every halal place in Philadelphia before she graduates.
Her Campus Drexel contributor.