The Ultimate Cool Girl Online Shopping Guide

Whether you're looking for full-coverage work-appropriate clothes, or more trendy looks perfect for a night out, these online retailers have got you covered!

  1. 1. I.AM.GIA

    Think Maddy Perez from Euphoria vibes for this first website - all of I.AM.GIA’s clothes SCREAM bad bi*** energy. Gia’s clothes are perfect for nights out at the club, featuring the likes of strappy bodysuits, leather skirts, and the most gorgeous matching sets you could ever imagine. For all my girls out there who aren’t willing to give up their sweatpants just yet, not to worry, Gia’s got you covered - printed sweats and matching crop tops and hoodies are also featured on the site. The prices of items range anywhere from $15 to upwards of $150, but the quality and styles of Gia’s clothes are definitely worth the price. Check out some of I.AM.GIA’s styles here

  2. 2. Motel Rocks

    You know that girl on Instagram that always posts pictures in the prettiest dresses? Or, that girl in your lecture who absolutely rocks midi skirts and strappy crop tops? Yeah, they’re probably wearing Motel Rocks. This site has great pieces at affordable prices, and you can also shop their looks straight from their Instagram page! If you find yourself on a budget and can’t afford to buy too many of their items (we’ve all been there), you could definitely find a lot of inspiration from the styles featured on their site

  3. 3. The Vintage Twin

    Sure, retailers like Pretty Little Thing are great for cute looks on a budget. But you know what's ten times better than fast fashion? Sustainable fashion! Founded by two twin sisters (this is also a great site to shop at if you want to support small businesses run by women!), The Vintage Twin is a collection of reworked vintage clothing items. Clothing on the site includes tie-dyed sweat sets, college and athletic apparel, Levi’s brand denim items, and the coolest graphic tees you could imagine. Click here to browse through a collection of clothes that are trendy and environmentally sustainable.  

  4. 4. Made by Mija

    This atelier based label is the perfect combination of abstract designs, unique art prints, and comfortable fashion. Made by Mija offers t-shirts, sweats, and accessories featuring original prints- you can buy these prints through the “Art Gallery” section of the site. Whether you need some comfy t-shirts or artwork to cover the walls of your room, Made by Mija has got you covered!

  5. 5. O’mighty Clothing

    O’mighty Clothing just might be one of the most unique websites on the internet - and I mean that in the best possible way. From oversized t-shirts with anime graphics to tank tops embroidered with daisies, expletives, and motivational feminist sayings, O’ mighty sells the kind of clothes that will turn heads. If you’re looking to make a powerful (and colorful!) statement with your clothes, this is the site for you!

So, you now officially have no excuse to keep wearing that same hoodie to coffee runs and morning lectures. Yes, comfort is key, but you can be comfortable and stylish. Treat yourself to an online shopping spree and unleash all of your inner cool girl vibes.