Uber Horror Stories

Whether you Uber everywhere or split a fare once, we’ve all heard of it. Uber is becoming everybody's main form of transportation which is great. But what comes with great experiences comes some duds. The editorial team at Her Campus Drexel compiled our worst Uber experiences to make yours seem a little less terrifying. 

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“Although I have had nothing but positive experiences taking Ubers from place to place, my friend had the worst experience I ever could’ve imagined. After an extremely uncomfortable ride of the older male driver asking her in more ways than one if she’s attracted to him, she received multiple messages containing pictures of the driver’s...thing. Luckily she thought it was hilarious and was only slightly uncomfortable, but I didn’t hesitate to write out a strongly worded email to Uber’s customer service” -Gillian, first year

”I literally got mugged by my Uber driver. She cancelled the ride and demanded I give her $200 cash!”

-anonymous, second year 

“My worst Uber experience involved a weird Uber driver who was taking me to a gay bar in the city and asked about my sexuality. Now I’m not in the closet, but it’s not something I like to talk about with random men I meet. Basically he asked all these invasive questions about how I like to have sex with women and why I couldn’t “be satisfied” with a man. It’s typical from most guys I meet in straight bars, but I didn’t expect it from my Uber driver!”

-Caitlin, third year 

"I went to see the fireworks at Penn's Landing for NYE 2016 with a couple of friends even though I was jet lagged from my trip to India. I decided to leave early and head back home alone because I was tired. I was waiting on the side of the streets in a sweater dress with 3-inch high heels, very cold. I had 4 Uber's cancel on me last minute and had to convince an Uber driver to come through. Penn's Landing being the hot spot that it is during NYE was crowded with some very drunk people. I almost broke down in the middle of the streets because I was stranded in the 'am, cold, and unsure if the Uber driver would come through. The worst part was that my beau at that time was texting me from the London airport to help him pick a Ted Baker's bag for a girl he had the hots for. PS: An Uber finally did come through after an hour and needless to say I was very grateful. " Shruti Tosawad, Third Year

“I was once in an Uber with my big, in my sorority, coming home from Famous 4th Street Delicatessen and the Uber drivers car started smelling like smoke. I told him to pull over and  check his car, he swore his car was fine. I finally got him to get out and check his car, but he wanted us to wait for him until AAA came for help. We got out of the car and left him stranded.”   -Grace, Second Year  

“One time in an Uber, the Uber driver was playing a very explicit song about a group of men that kidnap and rape a woman. As a woman, I felt completely uncomfortable listening to that song and being driven around by a man listening to it. Thankfully, my ex-boyfriend was in the car with me; otherwise, I probably would have been freaking out even more."

 – Sarah, third year 

“I was on a first date with a guy I met on Tinder. When he picked me up, the Uber reeked of cigarettes and the fact that I was super nervous wasn’t helping my situation.” Diane, first year

“I spent a full day at Life In Color Music Festival in Miami. By the end of the night, my best friend and I were drenched with wet paint and absolutely exhausted. After a 2 hour drive back, we still needed an Uber ride back to my friend’s house. He started to make gagging sounds in the car, and we asked him if he was okay. He told us we smelled like dead bodily fluids. The driver continued with complaints, more gagging sounds, windows rolled down the whole ride. A straight up 0 star rating.” -Zara, first year

“My Uber driver told me it was his first ride ever and it took two hours to get to the airport. I missed my flight! -Keeley Gibson Harlow, first year