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TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System Review

If there is one thing that I splurge on, it’s my hair. I buy expensive shampoos and conditioners to keep it healthy, I refrain from applying tons of heat to it, and I trim it every 12 weeks. I didn’t always appreciate my natural curls, but I learned that the shampoo I use plays a huge part in how healthy they look.

TRESemmé recently came out with a reverse wash system – that’s right: conditioner before shampoo. How weird? However, the benefits of a reverse system allegedly include increased volume and softness. As someone with pretty thin hair, I was extremely excited to hear this news. Even though my curls have been cooperating lately, my hair contains zero volume.

So, I went out and purchased the reverse wash system, which goes for about $5 per bottle. It cost me around $10 in total for the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo comes in a 25-ounce bottle and the conditioner is 16.5 ounces. For the amount of product that you are receiving, I have to admit it’s a pretty good deal. I raced home to test it out.

I got in the shower and was extremely disappointed when I first applied the conditioner. My hair didn’t feel silky at all. It felt like the product wasn’t doing its job. I had to apply extra conditioner in order for my hair to absorb the nutrients. I was also sad that there was barely any scent to the product. However, the shampoo was really good. It lathered extremely well and personally the amount of suds is a major make or break for me when it comes to shampoo. The shampoo didn’t have much of a scent either, which was a big disappointment.

I tried to let my hair dry naturally, but after four hours, I gave up. My hair is so thin that it usually dries within an hour, but this time it took forever! I tried blow-drying it and it took an exceedingly long time to do so. Once my hair was dried, it didn’t look healthy at all. I tried applying a little bit of coconut oil to define my curls, but I felt that they looked dry and dull. I used a curling iron to try to enhance the appearance. And, finally, I was content with the results.

When I went to work, I received compliments on how pretty my hair looked. During my sorority fundraiser, all of my sisters said that my hair looked amazing. When I tried to put it up in a ponytail, my hair felt thicker and more voluminous, which made me really happy. People did mention that my hair looked fuller and more defined, but it wasn’t as soft or shiny as always.

I think one of the major setbacks of this product is that it is not made to accommodate color-treated hair. Since I have dyed my hair, I need something that protects my locks from drying out and pigment fading.

Upon waking up the next day, my curls were intact and my hair still had volume, which I greatly appreciated. But, I don’t believe I will continue to use this specific product because I need something that will also protect my colored hair. 

Orly is a Venezuelan senior at Drexel University majoring in Public Relations and double minoring in marketing and writing. In her free time, you can find her in a coffee shop writing, color-coding her way through life or binge watching One Tree Hill for the fifth time. She manages HCD's Facebook page as well as their Twitter and hopes to make a career out of social media someday.
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