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The Transition from Co-op to Class As Told By The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Transitioning from Co-op to Class can be difficult. Luckily the Bachelor contestants and JP himself can help us relate as we settle back into the overwhelming concept of homework and exams.

So Co-op has come to an end and everyone’s back on campus for spring term, including YOU!

Soooooo YAY! You’re actually a student again!

Granted, it takes a while to settle in…until you realize you have things to do when you get home. Like homework. And a test next week. Don’t you get a week to re-adjust??

Your “More Experienced” friends try and comfort you, insisting you’ll get used to it in no time and everything will be ok.

You’re guaranteed to embarrass yourself in class somehow since you’ve been out of practice for 6 months. You may have raised your hand too quickly at roll call. So what if you forgot people have similar names?

You forgot how … less intelligent your peers can be.

To top it off, you realize money isn’t flowing into your bank account any more.

And you want to go back to the real world.

Interacting with difficult classmates gets ridiculous. (Looking at you, douchecanoe JP equivalents.)

People don’t always dress appropriately for class….

But then you totally understand why people wear PJs to those darn 8AMs.

You forgot what it was like to get credit for everything you do.

Slowly, you get the hang of it. You can handle classes!

You remember that in 10 weeks you get an actual vacation!

Congrats to you, Fall-Winter cycle students, on your successful immersion back into student life!

Be warned though…

We’ll finally settle in around week 3 and then WHAM, SCDC will send out an email about A round interviews.

Who knows, maybe when it’s time for Co-op you won’t want to go.

Happy Spring Term Drexel Students!!

Lindsey is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in operations management & bus. analytics. She has been with Her Campus Drexel for four years and was CC for the middle two. Along with living the city life, she takes an active interest in street style, putting together puzzles and binge-watching her current Netflix obsession. She actually calls Montana her true home so now you can say you know that someone actually lives there ;). When she's in Philly, you can find her in Center City scouring the racks of thrift stores, Old Navy, and H&M if she's not on campus enjoying the multiple food trucks or catching up on the readings she put off until the last day.