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Top 9 Cookie Brands Available on Campus

Anyone who knows me knows that all I do is sleep, go to work and class, and eat. But what most people don’t realize is that 75 percent of what I eat is chocolate chip cookies. About once every three weeks, I have a new package of chocolate chip cookies at home. As a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, I have generously ranked all the available cookies on campus.


1. Insomnia CookiesRanking: 4.5/5

Insomnia is the obvious option when it comes to fresh chocolate chip cookies with a gooey center and crisp edges delivered straight to your door. But if there is no promotion going on, it can get pricey.


2. Currito Chocolate Chip CookiesRanking: 4

These face-sized cookies have the chewy center and crisp edges but are not always available. Also they are not always fresh at Currito.


3. Nestle Break and Bake Chocolate Chip CookiesRanking: 4/5

Personally I just love eating the cookie dough raw, but these cookies are perfect for those who want the homemade taste without the time or hassle.


4. Starbucks Cookies

Ranking: 3.5/5

These richly flavored cookies are soft and chewy, but they are pretty dense and can get pricey if you’re not using dining dollars.


5. Subway Chocolate Chip CookiesRanking: 3.5/5

These cookies are a reliable option since they are readily available at Northside Dining Terrace. They feature a chewy center, but are never warm or fresh.

6. Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Ranking: 3/5

These affordable cookies are a convenient substitute for those who want the chewy texture, even if they are small and missing the crispy edges. I love to warm them up in the microwave for 10 seconds. You can also find these bad boys in Northside.


7. Regular Chips Ahoy!

Ranking: 3/5

Similar to their chewy counterpart, these cookies are convenient and affordable while packing a nice crunch, though they cannot be warmed up. They are located right next to their chewy cousins in Northside.


8. Famous Amos

Ranking: 3/5

Famous Amos cookies are usually sold in snack-sized bags, so they are good for the on-the-go college student who wants a nice crunchy cookie.


9. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ranking: Off the charts

If you have the time, energy, and patience to make your own cookies, then I applaud you and would like an invite to the party.


There you have it, cookie monsters! Whether you like ‘em crunchy, chewy, or somewhere in between, there’s a cookie somewhere on campus just for you. Don’t forget to buy some milk! Share this to save a life.

Maegan is a sophomore History major at Drexel University who constantly contemplates double majoring or double minoring. When she's not writing a paper, reading or watching Netflix, she can be found day-dreaming, eating, staring at the sun or all of the above.
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