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Sunglasses are an absolute must-have summer accessory. Ray-Ban tends to set the trends almost every summer. Everyone ends up wearing similar style shades or even identical ones. This drives me nuts! Sunglasses are a chance to go out of your comfort zone with your style. You can make a normal outfit edgy, glam or fun with the addition of some cool lenses. Why be boring when you can do something different? Here are some fun sunglasses to add to your wardrobe this summer!


1) Shaped Lenses

Shaped lenses are all the rage these days. There are heart shapes, star shapes, giant squares and more. If you walk into Urban Outfitters, Free People, Forever 21 or any popular women’s clothing store, you are bound to find some shaped lenses. Shaped lenses bring back a look we wore when we were in middle school or even younger. Who doesn’t have a pic of when they were little wearing some ridiculously-shaped kid shades? It’s time to rock them as an adult. Shaped sunglasses are that super fun and girly accessory that we all love. They are perfect for days at the beach and tailgates. 

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2) Huge Lenses

I am not referring to the classic bug sunglasses; I am talking about some huge lenses. Huge lenses are definitely out of some people’s style comfort zone, but are definitely worth it. They can be worn to emphasize a cool hairdo or make a boring outfit edgy or glam. They can also be used to cover up your eyes after a long night out (what’s better than that, am I right?). 

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3) Cat Eye

Cat eyes are making their comeback. Cat eyes can create a vintage or modern look. They are extremely versatile and pretty much go with anything you put on. Cat eyes are a timeless shade style, so investing in a good pair will do you good.

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4) Round

If you are into the bohemian look or love 70’s styles, these are the shades for you. A lot of people think these look ridiculous and hate on them, but that is just because they are jealous or too nervous to try to pull them off. The best thing about round lenses is that they come in endless sizes and colors. It is so easy to create a unique look with these! Colored round shades create a 70’s concert vibe while round shades with reflective lenses put a modern spin on an older style. You can’t go wrong; both look good and go with a lot of outfits. 

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5) Butterfly (or what I like to call aggressive cat eyes)

Not gonna sugarcoat it, these are definitely hard to pull off. But when you pull them off, it’s an unforgettable look. Everyone is gonna notice and remember that you rocked these lenses. Most of butterfly style shades come with reflective lenses or colored frames, so they are perfect for solid color looks. Make an otherwise simple all-white or denim look pop with these unique shades! 

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Almost every single one of these lenses you can find anywhere you shop. An added bonus is that many of them are not that expensive. Most sunglasses at Free People are good quality and run around $20. That isn’t bad! Ditch the expensive lenses and expand your wardrobe with cool and unique lenses. Wearing boring sunglasses is a waste! Have a little fun with your shades this summer and venture out of your comfort zone.

Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. Currently a nursing student at Drexel University. When not writing for HerCampus or studying loves to run, read and draw.
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