Top 10 Fashion and Beauty YouTubers to Watch

These ten YouTubers all have something in common: they are lovers of fashion and beauty, but they all have their own flair! See which content-maker best suits what you love to watch.

  1. ThreadsObsessed

Image courtesy of Imgrum

Cool girl Melissa Tatti, ThreadsObsessed, is owning the urban thrift aesthetic. She is attracted to anything from Tommy Hilfiger to Harley Davidson, and so are we. You can find her wardrobe filled with hues of yellow and red, along with checkerboard print. Thought thrifting was never in your favor? Melissa finds buys you would never think of picking up and styles them in a chic and effortless manner through her What to Wear Wednesday posts. Her depop, an online market place for millions of unique items, screams ThreadsObsessed, bringing the newest and trendiest pieces for her fans.

Melissa’s Instagram: @threadsobsessed



2. TheLineUp

Image courtesy of Dr. Martens

The Line Up, featuring Maya and Julia from Stockholm, posts videos from DIY tutorials, travel vlogs, and monthly favorites, to epic look books. They also feature video segments encouraging the creative ways to wear basic clothing pieces. Their aesthetic matches a modern vintage feel, providing their subscribers with various lookbooks, like how to style Doc Martens, or even just a night out. You could say they are your go-to trendy fashion stylists.

Julia’s Instagram: @juliaadang

Maya’s Instagram: @mayanilsen



3. Margot Lee



Image courtesy of YouTube

Margot Lee, a vlogger from Syracuse University, talks about anything from college to veganism, and clothing brand reviews. She follows a clean, neutral and girly aesthetic. Margot takes people along for a ride to get a glimpse of her lifestyle, and her subscribers are truly enthralled by it. She is that chill New Yorker you can see either at a neat and trendy salad bar, or just on the streets filming her put-together looks!

Margot’s Instagram: @margot.lee



4. Samantha Maria



Image courtesy of YouTube

Samantha Maria’s whole aesthetic and cute accent has her followers hooked. She vlogs anything from her own clothing line to other brands’ clothing hauls. She brings to YouTube a fun, genuine response towards brands, trends, products and lifestyle. Samantha is definitely the kind of person to bring you the fashion insight all the way from London!

Samantha’s Instagram: @samanthamariaofficial



5. Kristen Leo


Image courtesy of YouTube

The vegan lifestyle has not only impacted diet routine, but clothing as well. Ethical enthusiast, Kristen Leo, loves bringing the world round with her compassion towards ethical fashion. After watching Kristen’s Eco Fashion Week lookbook, you can also watch her numerous “Thrift the Look” videos stretching from Kim Kardashian’s Yeezy looks to Rachel from Friends outfits.

Kristen’s Instagram: @kristenleo



6. The Fashion Citizen


Image courtesy of YouTube

The Fashion Citizen might have coined all thrift haul videos posted on YouTube. Starting in 2011, Steph and Melissa’s videos have grown into not only thrifting insight, but beauty reviews. Their feed is flurried with many weekly vlogs that are packed with quirky jokes and a hipster attitude. These sisters are the “two frugal fashionistas living the dream in sunny Arizona.”

Steph and Melissa’s Instagram: @thefashioncitizen



7. Danielle Marie Carolan


Image courtesy of YouTube

Danielle Marie Carolan might as well be your hometown friend that made it in the YouTube fashion community. Fresh into college, Danielle posts positivity/confidence tips, hauls, tutorials, lookbooks and health & lifestyle videos. Her whole mission is to make her followers feel great about themselves, while adapting trends and looking fit! Her bubbly and amiable personality shines through every one of her videos.

Danielle’s Instagram: @daniellecarolan



8. Shani Grimmond



Image courtesy of Twitter

Shani Grimmond is an Aussie beauty guru, serving YouTube with some killer makeup looks. She posts new videos every three to four days that are generally beauty-related. You might find yourself stalking her channel, from her early videos to her latest, because they are all so addicting. She gives the real truth in videos, either on how to create a drugstore makeup look, to the not-so-hot products of the year.

Shani’s Instagram: @shanigrimmond



9. Desi Perkins



Image courtesy of Furless Blog

Desi Perkins is the queen of all things beauty. Her name can also be discovered on some QUAY sunglasses, or her own makeup line. She organizes her videos for her followers into playlists, some of them simply listed: foundation, event makeup looks, and bronzy/glowy looks. Desi is your personal beauty stylist, connecting her viewers in-between the celeb beauty guru world.

Desi’s Instagram: @desiperkinsinstagram



10. Asia Jackson



Image courtesy of YouTube

Asia Jackson is a Black Filipino actress and beauty/fashion vlogger. You can often hear her silly “what’s good” introductions to the beginning of her videos, or rather on a television show or in a music video. Asia gives tips on self-care, skin and fashion trends. One of her most requested features her fans love is “How to Look Expensive on A Budget.”

Asia’s Instagram: @aasian


These talented ladies all put up a wide variety of such amazing and fun content for us to enjoy that reflect each of their styles and personalities. Whether you watch a few, or all of these YouTubers, we are sure you’ll find one that you love!