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These May Be the Most Hideous and Overpriced Dresses on Farfetch

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Some of you may have heard of the website Farfetch.com, a high-end online retail store where you can stock up on your Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce & Gabbana.

While this website has some of the most gorgeous, intricate and swoon-worthy gowns in existence, it also has some that are—to put it lightly—downright hideous. With prices ranging anywhere from $700 to $25,000, we wonder if anyone is actually believing that the dresses on this list are worth the cost.

1. Oversized Polo Style Dress by Koché – $773

That’s right, this is a polo shirt dress made out of cotton and polyester, and it’s over $700. As of today, there’s only 3 left – meaning at least a handful of people are walking around in this look.

2. Ruched Dress by Roksanda – $2,964

Can you say “frumpy Little House on the Prairie”? Most of Roksanda’s work is elegant and refined, but this dress is a BIG swing and a miss. Although there’s only 1 left in stock, so maybe not everyone agrees.

3. Asymmetric Foil Print Dress by Peter Pilotto – $3,140

Give credit where credit is due—the fabric on this dress is actually quite beautiful. But it appears that someone forgot the other sleeve on this look. Asymmetric dresses really only work when the asymmetry is purposeful, and this one just seems like an afterthought.

4. BALESTRA Beaded Cocktail Dress by William Vintage – $6,670

This is a vintage piece (meaning it was literally created decades ago), but we’re not clear on what year someone would have actually wanted to wear this dress. Sure, it’s giving off some funky 60’s vibes, but it also looks like it’s more suited to fit a child.

5. Couture Feather Gown by William Vintage – $8,296

This is actually the PERFECT gown… if you want to look like a piñata. However, if you’re not looking for an $8,000 Halloween costume, this 100% real feather dress may not be the one for you. Or anyone. Actually, is there a way we can give the feathers back to the bird they came from?

6. Printed Runaway Dress by Comme Des Garçons – $12,730

Not gonna lie, this dress is a look. You are definitely turning heads in this outfit—just like any other design by Comme Des Garçons. This may be a piece of art, we just don’t think it’s quite ready to be worn out in public.

7. Pearl Embellished Guccy Silk Mini Dress by Gucci – $16,848

WHY. WHY would anyone pay $16,000 for a dress that has Gucci spelled wrong on it? The fact that it’s Gucci who actually makes this dress has got to be the most infuriating part. We can’t even common on the rest of the dress. Sure, we get that it’s meant to be a joke, but the joke is really on anyone whose paying thousands for a dress that looks like it rhymes with yucky.

8. Rose Appliqué Gown by Ruben Singer – $25,157

Look, we can tell that a lot of work went into this gown. The rose appliqués this gown is named for actually could look gorgeous if used in a different way. But there is just way too much going on with this dress—the color, the ruffled taffeta, the ruching, all in addition to the roses equal one big mess. And for $25,000, this is one expensive mess of a dress.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.