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Sorority Big/Little on a Budget

We all know it is a lot of time, effort and money during the whole recruitment and Big/Little process… I am here to try and alleviate some of that money stress with some tips and tricks I learned and what other sisters did to save a little bit of money during this season. And yes, she will still love you even if you don’t buy her $1000 worth of stuff. Trust me that’s what went through my head the whole time.


Picture Frames are a go-to just put your own creative touch to it and put a *insert big/little photo here* note and you’re set. You can decorate canvases (I got all of my inspiration from Pinterest), make your own shirts (plus, it will save you the stress of ordering those shirts last minute and praying they come in time for the Reveal Day), and lastly, you can just shower her with little notes and include hints about yourself and make it personal to her. Grow a connection with her even though she does not know who you are yet.



When you’re buying food, get snacks and candy. Go to your local pharmacy and buy a few packs of her fav candy. Try to find out her favorite drink whether its Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Saxbys, etc. This is something small that will make her day because she knows you are putting in the effort to get to know the little things.



Ask members for hand-me0down shirts! They don’t have to be in your sorority fam, for my sorority we had a donation box and the official bigs were able to take a few if needed. So try and reach out to the person that is in charge of big/little activities and see if you can organize a group donation box or reach out to graduated members/alumni for hand-me-downs.

Remember they will appreciate everything you do

Remember they are going to appreciate the little things. If you are not able to spend money on expensive little gifts, in the end that is not going to make or break your relationship. Trust me, many people get their heads wrapped around the fact that they have to buy their little everything and that is just not the case. You were matched together because you both showed interest and a strong friendship together and expensive gifts are not necessary. Do something for her that means a lot. Obviously you have gotten to know her by now, so incorporate what you did on your big/little date or get her something related to what she loves. Everyone has something they are super passionate about, and many people might not know about it, use that knowledge to your advantage.


Stores to shop

5 Below and Marshalls have cute little gifts that are affordable and you will be able to get more little things and decorations. You don’t have to buy a $100 Lush gift set. Go to Marshalls and they have cute gift sets that will fit all price ranges. And don’t even think about going to a party supply store for streamers, balloons, etc to decorate her room, 5 Below or even Amazon has a whole section of party decorations and you are sure to find what you need.


Alumni groups

If your sorority had a group page on Facebook or another social media that people buy and sell their old sorority clothes, buy from there rather than getting brand new shirts from an expensive custom website, and worrying if they will come on time is a whole other story.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make something look cute! or use stickers and paint and glitter and transform it from a basic item to a *insert sorority name* merch! … don’t buy a $30 water bottle, just get a less expensive one and get stickers with your sorority letters, or get a notebook with your sorority’s symbol on it and write a fun quote on it! Make something fun like decorate a box for her pin or mak her a no sew blanket! The possibilities are endless in what you can D.I.Y.


Becoming a Big should be one of your favorite moments in the years you spend in your sorority, so don’t think it has to be stressful. These tips should help you avoid the unnecessary $pending and give you more time to have fun welcoming your little to the fam!

Morgan is a Communications Major at Drexel University.She is Currently the Event Coordinator for Drexel's chapter. She is into travel, cooking and Fitness/wellness and may spend a little too much time online shopping.
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