Sh*t Drexel Girls Say

I know I’m only a sophomore, but like, these freshman are already really annoying me.

I’m sooo tired. The construction on the new building woke me up at 7. In the morning.

OMG, the new Starbucks is so much better than the old one.

I’m going to Body Pump every week this term.

Is our basketball team good? I don’t even know.

Why don’t we have a football team?

My friend knows the guy who lives in the house that’s throwing a Penn party tonight.

It is WAY too cold to go to Penn.

How is it week 8 already??!?

Is that the guy I hooked up with that Cav’s last night? Wait, that’s definitely the guy I hooked up with at Cav’s last night.

Shake Shack is going to make me soooo fat.

I’m so glad there’s froyo on campus now. It’s so much healthier.

8 co-op interviews! Hashtag grown up.

Living in Club Hags til the end of finals, ughhh.

UGH finals AND interviews the same week?? Whose idea was this??

Loving my co-ooppp. I have my own cubicle and everything.

Waking up this early for six months is going to get old fast.

OMG I hate my boss. Real life is hard.

I’m going to Body Pump every week next term.


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