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As the new year comes along so does a new set of fashion trends. From fluffy teddy coats to sparkly statements, 2019 is starting on the right foot with comfortable styles that make an outfit without really trying hard at all. Here are seven comfortable and simple trends that help make any outfit.

The Teddy Coat

The bold teddy coat made its claim to fame at the end of 2018, and we are lucky it did because it is the closest we can get right now to wearing a snuggie in public acceptably.  

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Black and White Trousers

Black and White trousers have brought sophistication and style to this frigid winter. The best part of this trend is that they can be dressed down for a brunch downtown with friends or worn professionally for formidable co-op interviews. These trousers are a perfect replacement for our black leggings every once in a while!


Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Sherpa Denim Jacket

The cozy apparel does not end at teddy coats and rather has made its way into denim. Everyone’s favorite denim jacket earned an upgrade with the addition of a sherpa collar this winter!

Image Courtesy of Asos

Champion Sweatshirts

The brand Champion’s comeback mid-2018 came in perfect time for this winter. Champion sweatshirts are not only super comfortable and soft but also allow for a pop of color. Sporting a Champion sweatshirt is always a good idea.

Image Courtesy of Akira 

Chenille Fabric Sweaters

A chenille fabric sweater is no regular sweater. The chenille fabric material is not only super soft but also emanates a vibrant and radiating look. Just like the black and white trouser pants, this sweater is also perfect for dressing up or down.

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Sparkly Attire

As the new year came in, sparkles were everywhere, and that was not because of the confetti. This winter, party attire got a little bolder by welcoming sparkles and sequins to the mix.  Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Embellished Belts

Although they do not add any warmth, they definitely add support. Embellished belts this winter have become the answer to making a simple outfit look plain to put together and trendy. Belts are an ideal accessory for making any outfit unique.

Image Courtesy of Etsy 


Let this New Year continue to bring bold and fun trends! Who knows? Maybe this year Abercrombie and Fitch will make their way back to fame.


Clara Loeb

Drexel '23

Hi! My name is Clara Loeb, and I am a Nursing student a Drexel University. I love writing and am excited to be writing for Her Campus at Drexel!
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