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Senior Spotlight: Gabriella Tam

For her senior project, Gabriella Tam created Sartorial Snapshots, a video series that she filmed, produced, and directed. As the style editor for Drexel’s student-run newspaper, The Triangle, Gabriella created the series with a dual purpose. In addition to completing her senior project, she also hopes to promote the newspaper. Gabriella says the mission of Sartorial Snapshots is to “promote Drexel’s fashion scene to the greater campus by displaying the diversity of [our] student[s] personal style.”

Gabriella had always wanted to create a video series for the style section, so she knew this was an opportunity she could not ignore. “This was perfect for my senior project because it blends all my passions into one medium – fashion, interviewing and video production!” she said. The idea for Sartorial Snapshots came about after watching tons of “Inside the Wardrobe” videos by British Vogue on their YouTube channel. She loved the idea of catching a glimpse into the closets of models and celebrities and decided to do the same with Drexel students.

Gabriella made sure to pick a diverse group of students to interview. Everyone was of a different year and had a unique personal style. She wanted a variety of styles, so she reached out to a wide audience of people to showcase that style does not “just exist within Westphal.” Along with a great sense of style, each interviewee also has a plan to work in the fashion industry. In the videos, you get a quick tour of each student’s closet. They also highlight their favorite pieces, give a brief background, and then give their opinion on the fashion scene.

In the first episode, senior communication major and blogger Ian Michael Crumm talks about his colorful style and his two fashion websites. He cites one of his favorite pieces as a blue lamé Burberry cardigan. He then goes on to talk about how travel has influenced his style and his plans after graduation

The second episode awkwardly features myself, Krystal Richmond, a sophomore design & merchandising major. I talk about the importance of keeping my closet organized and making sure I am always comfortable in my outfits. I also discuss my love of basic clothing pieces, Rihanna, and my hopes to work in the fashion industry.

Jared Gelman, a senior music industry major and musician, is the subject of the third installment. He describes his personal style as being “heavy with the glam” and he couldn’t be more accurate. He shows several glamorous pieces, one being a jacket from the 80s, which was a gift from his mother. He also notes that the best way for him to tell that his outfit is a winner is when he’s “pressing peoples’ buttons.”

Hannah Krupa, a freshman communications major with a love of vintage clothing is featured in episode four. She talks about her statement fur coats, one of which led her backstage at Coachella one year. One day, she hopes to combine her loves of fashion and music to work her dream career.

To represent the often overlooked, but definitely stylish students of LeBow, junior finance and marketing major Jason Mobely gives us his wardrobe tour in episode five. His personal style is described as conservative – all black with a little bit of color. He makes sure to separate his professional wardrobe from his casual wardrobe, with tailored and well-fitted clothing for work and more casual pieces for play.

In the sixth and final episode, we see the eclectic wardrobe of Elizabeth Mak, a junior communication major. Being from Singapore, many of her clothes are by Singaporean artists or brands, one of which is a beautifully detailed dress. Other cool pieces she shows include a clutch that freaks her boyfriend out and a denim jacket that she is in the process of embroidering. As her style inspiration, she sites her fashionable mother.

As a take away from watching Sartorial Snapshots, Gabriella hopes that students will begin to pay attention to the diverse styles on campus and also that everyone will pick up a copy of The Triangle. 


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