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Selah Stivers, Delta Zeta President and Drexel Community Scholar

Selah StiversAge: 22Major: International Area StudiesHometown: Lancaster, PAClass: Junior (4th Year)

Selah has always enjoyed being involved and having a full schedule to keep her busy. She currently serves as President of Delta Zeta Sorority, a Drexel Community Scholar for the Lindy Center and Vice President for Students Advocating Against Slavery (SAAS). She is also involved with the Honors Student Advisory Committee and the Community Bridge Program. Basically, she’s a powerhouse! We talked to Selah about how she is committed to all these amazing opportunities and she told us her story!

How did you become involved in all these organizations?

I got involved in Delta Zeta because two of my friends were going through recruitment during the fall of my freshman year and they asked me to come along! I was involved in the sorority through different positions, and was elected President during the end of Fall 2013. I found out about the program with the Lindy Center through a friend as well. I have always been interested in service and engaging the community, so she recommended that I apply for the position of a Drexel Community Scholar. For SAAS, I got involved through some of the other students in my major. We were all very interested in raising awareness about human trafficking and actively empowering students to stand up for human rights. We started the organization this past year to help reach the students at Drexel University.

What is the best thing about being a part of all these organizations?

Each organization I’m involved with has given me so much! I’ve made new friends and been able to create wonderful memories through my experiences. The best part of being a DCS though, is being actively involved in civic engagement and being able to make a positive change in the local community. So often college students are stereotyped as being single-minded, selfish or lazy. Working as a DCS, I have met so many passionate, driven and intelligent students, who are continuously serving those around them. The best part of being a DCS is being surrounded by people who are changing the world.

What is the hardest thing about being a Drexel Community Scholar?

The hardest thing about being a DCS is that sometimes it can feel like a constant, uphill battle. With volunteering, training and constantly working to be engaged in social issues, the work can sometimes be tiring. It can be frustrating to not immediately see the progress being made. That being said, having a group of students there to support you and help you come up with creative solutions to problems is the perfect cure! The other DCS and the Lindy Center staff are a phenomenal resource and ensure that each of us is able to succeed in the position.

How has Delta Zeta affected your time at Drexel?

Delta Zeta has had a huge impact on my Drexel experience! My sisters have become my family here at school and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They are there when I need a gym buddy, study partner or just a friend to talk to. Through DZ, I have made lifelong friends, participated in so many exciting events and been able to grow as a student and a leader on this campus.

Has being a DCS influenced your career or Co-Op path?

Being a DCS has definitely influenced the way I see my future playing out. It made me realize that I don’t ever want to be a bystander in my community. With so many issues and injustices plaguing our world, I can’t see myself ever settling for sitting back and watching the world burn. It made me realize I have to be one of the people carrying water, struggling to put out the fires.

Any plans for after you graduate?

What a good question! I am still in the process of figuring all of that out. I considered going to law school to study Human Rights Law, but am now considering taking some time to travel and work first.

What are your other hobbies & interests?

I love traveling! I love exploring Philadelphia, trying new restaurants, meeting new people and discovering new stories. I love reading, writing and running.

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