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A Preview of Spring Jam 2016’s Opening Acts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

With Drexel’s 2016 Spring Jam fast approaching, you’ve probably got Steve Aoki playlists on repeat. But how much do you know about his opening acts? If Rain Man and Jahn Rome are new names to you, we’re here to give you the skinny on these two artists before the big night on Saturday, May 21st! Whether you’re partying with your friends during the weekend, need an upbeat playlist to make it through studying for finals, or want to prepare yourself for Spring Jam, you’re going to want to give these two artists a listen.

Jahn Rome:

Local producer, rapper and one-half of the rap duo Marcus & Rome, Jahn Rome is representing both Philadelphia and Drexel University at Spring Jam this year. With his mix of often introspective lyrics, a flow that moves over the beat in new ways all the time, and countless collaborations with other artists, Rome’s tracks never fail to keep your interest. Another feat in and of itself is his ability to work with so many different people and still maintain his own personal sound that stays true throughout an entire mix. Drexel kin or not, he’s definitely worth looking up. His latest EP, “So I Can Sleep At Night” just dropped on May 6th on Soundcloud, so be sure to check it out. (If you like it, also check out Marcus & Rome and their releases!)

Rain Man:

A former member of the EDM group Krewella, Rain Man (aka Kris Trindl) split from the Yousaf sisters in 2014 and has since launched a successful solo career and worked alongside artists like Mat Devine (previously of the alternative rock group Kill Hannah) and Borgore. As a solo artist, he’s been able to make new moves creatively and reconnect with his roots in metal and industrial music, and add hints of that to his brand of EDM. His recent release through Steve Aoki’s record label Dim Mak “Dope” is a pulsing, glitch-y track that’s sure to make the audience go wild at Spring Jam. On the other hand, his track with Oly “Bring Back the Summer” is a little more chill, but still utterly danceable. His music is also available on Soundcloud – “Dope” is available as a free download, too!

Don’t miss this year’s opening acts at Spring Jam! Tickets are currently on sale here and are FREE for Drexel students (guest tickets are going for $40 and graduate student tickets are $20). But, reserve yours quickly because tickets are limited! The doors open at 6:30 p.m. in lot F.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.