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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Pooja Patel is a sophomore Marketing Business Analytics major with a passion for makeup. She’s so passionate, in fact, that last year she founded Drexel’s very own Drexel’s Mastering Cosmetics!

The club, also known as DMC, has many different objectives, all centered around makeup and beauty. “We work to bring students and professionals in the industry together to help them develop their skills and knowledge about cosmetics and skincare,” said Pooja. The club also hosts a plentitude of events throughout the year open to all students, including makeup workshops and creating your very own DIY beauty bags and lip scrubs!

As both founder and president, Pooja carries many responsibilities at DMC. She runs weekly board meetings and oversees every other executive-board position in the club. She’s also a team player, helping other officers by brainstorming event ideas, reaching out to other clubs to co-sponser events and finalizing the organization’s calendar each term.

Pooja’s involvement in DMC is also no coincidence when it comes to her career aspirations. “As of right now, I would love to work at a cosmetics company. Probably Tarte or Ulta because I love Tarte’s products, and Ulta is my go to shopping destination for all things makeup. I would love to work at a cosmetics company because that would combine my love for business and cosmetics into one.”

Though Pooja faces a lot of pressure as founder of a new organization at Drexel, she doesn’t regret it for a second. “Although DMC has been stressful at times, it has allowed me to improve my public speaking, event planning and most importantly, time management skills,” said Pooja.

It’s not always an easy job for Pooja, especially with the unique tasks she faces with a new organization. “Since Drexel doesn’t give new clubs funding for the first year, we have had to fundraise money to run all of our events. It gets stressful when we want to have a bigger event but can’t have the funds to run it the way we want to,” said Pooja.

In fact, Pooja’s favorite thing about DMC is the events. “I love brainstorming new ideas for events! At the end of every term, we all spend time coming up with fun cosmetics workshops and DIY events for the following term,” she said. “Although the whole process is difficult, I really enjoy reaching out and connecting with local makeup artists because not only do I get to meet some pretty awesome people, but I am also able to work on my networking and public speaking skills!”

Most recently, DMC has teamed up with us here at Her Campus at Drexel to co-sponsor our upcoming Co-Op Couture Fashion Show, which is on April 14th from 6:00 to 8:00pm! With help from several MAC and Sephora-trained makeup artists in their organization, they are ready to do our models’ makeup for the event!

Keep up the great work, Pooja. We can’t wait to see you and the rest of DMC at Co-Op Couture this Friday!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.