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Mary Nelson, Vice President of Committees for Phi Mu Beta Tau

Phi Mu Beta Tau is made up of amazing women who care about and are dedicated to helping other people. This week’s celeb is the prime example of the type of person you will find in Phi Mu. Mary Nelson works hard to maintain excellence within the sorority and gives much of herself to making sure her sisters who are struggling have the help they need. Mary gives us a glimpse into the strong sisterhood bond shared throughout Phi Mu.

Mary is a civil engineering major from Augusta, Georgia, currently in her third of five years here at Drexel. After she graduates, she hopes to become a part of Engineers Without Borders where she’ll get the opportunity to spend several years in third-world countries, helping to provide clean water, houses, and schools.

From the first time Mary walked into the Phi Mu house as a freshman two and a half years ago, she knew that’s where she wanted to be. She pictured herself becoming one of the powerful, independent, and smart women she encountered in the sorority. One of the main reasons Mary wanted to be a part of Phi Mu was because the women all shared values that were similar to her own. “When I opened my bid on bid day, I became part of an incredible organization that helps others in need and a sisterhood that is unmatched.”

Now, as a pre-junior, Mary is the vice president of committees for Phi Mu. She oversees and handles everything from the committee system, paperwork that goes to Phi Mu’s national head quarters, her sister’s academics, ritual, and housing. As a person who cares deeply about others, she decided to run for the position mainly to help out her sisters who are struggling with their academics. The best and most rewarding aspect of her position is seeing her sisters improve academically. She boasts, “I am also happy to say that we are second for all PCHs GPAs!”

Of course, there are some difficulties with holding such a high position in an organization. The hardest thing about Mary’s position is keeping everyone happy. Phi Mu is made up of over 100 girls, and, of course, everyone doesn’t always agree with the decisions she makes. However, to handle this, she makes sure to sit down with her sisters and have an open dialogue.

Being part of Phi Mu has taught Mary many lessons and skills she will utilize in her career and in her life in general. Her favorite memory from her time with Phi Mu was winning Greek Week the past two years. It taught her how to come together with her sisters to achieve a common goal. She learned how to be a leader when she earned her position as vice president of committees. Most importantly, Phi Mu has taught her how to connect. She’s encountered hundreds of women she has learned from and will come across a lot more who will all teach her things that she can grow and benefit from. Her vast network of sisters will be with her for the rest of her life. 

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