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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

After an unbearably frustrating morning and telling myself “nothing could make today better”, I received a call that could turn anyone’s frown upside down. Over Christmas break my local radio station announced that they were giving away two tickets to the 2018 Grammy’s being held at Madison Square Garden and a month later they called telling me that I had won! This was by far the most exciting news I had ever received and I only had five days to prepare for this incredible opportunity. I rushed to get all my homework done, overnighted a Rent the Runway gown, and begged my hair salon to squeeze me in last minute on a Sunday. Although I had little time to prepare, I had plenty of time to imagine how incredible this day would be.

(Me at the Grammy’s)

Once Sunday arrived, I woke up impatient to start getting my hair and makeup done for the big event. It felt like the morning of prom on steroids. My extremely talented best friend did my makeup and documented the whole getting ready process which resulted in a cute little video for memories sake. At 4pm the car service that came with the tickets I won came to pick my guest an I up to head into New York City. Unfortunately, but expected it took two hours to get from my house on Long Island to MSG, but we had plenty of time to enjoy food and drinks before the night began. I’ve been to Madison Square Garden many times before so the Grammy’s really just felt like a big concert… but with every talented musician you could think of.

Although I wasn’t walking around amongst Beyonce and Lady Gaga, it was incredible to see so many talented people in one room together to celebrate another amazing year in music. I definitely expected the Grammy’s to be a little bit more glamorous than it was considering I ate the same chicken nuggets and fries I would order at a Ranger game, but nonetheless it was a once in a lifetime incredible experience that I am so lucky to have had.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.