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How to Stay Motivated in the Middle of the Term

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

It is inevitable! As the midpoint of the quarter rolls around, our motivation to stay on top of our work slowly dwindles away. We get tired, antsy, and sick, making it hard for us to keep up our motivation. Here are a few small ideas to make finishing your term a little more tolerable!

1. Pick up hobbies

Yes, school is important, but so is maintaining a balanced life. In order to make sure school is not all consuming, it is important to take up new hobbies and do things outside of your education. Incorporating small activities into your daily routine is really helpful, like taking walks, going to the gym, journaling, and definitely joining clubs. Doing random activities is what keeps life interesting and prevents school work from taking over.

2. Explore new study locations

Last term, I only studied in two distinct places, and over time I lost my motivation out of pure boredom. It was time for a change of scenery, and I had to force myself to find new locations where I would not get distracted. Switching up the scenery allows you to see new people, feel a different motivating vibe, and stay focused!

3. Make study groups

Personally, I go crazy when I lock myself in a room all day and try to study without human interaction. Especially when it gets into the depths of the quarter, it is important to make study groups with people for accountability and to make sure you socialize. When you commit to making plans with someone, it holds you and your friends accountable, making it almost impossible not to study. When you push each other, work can get done!

4. Find good soundtracks to listen to while studying

Having a good playlist in the background not only puts me in a better mood, but also entertains me as I study. Personally, I found it difficult to study with words screaming into my ears in the background, but I also do not like no sound at all, so what I like to do is listen to acoustic versions of music I like. It allows for a calming environment.

5. Take the weekends to refresh

I know it is easier said than done, but try to be productive during the week so that you can take the weekends to refresh. By doing all your work for the week, it allows for a spike of motivation starting Monday and time to recuperate for the following week on the weekends. Take the break, you deserve it!

6. Make sure to leave University City!

Especially towards week five, I begin to feel trapped on campus. Living in Philadelphia, we are so lucky that there is so much to do when you need to distress. The options are endless. Make sure to take time to get out of University City and explore. It will make the term feel like it is going by much quicker and will give you things to talk about besides school!

7. Exercise!

When I cannot focus, I like to go on runs and exercise. Just taking a half hour to get yourself moving and to put your energy into something else will make you feel so much better and less stressed. I am always able to concentrate better after exercising. Take time to refresh!

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As the term concludes, I hope these small tips help keep you motivated in finishing strong. We are almost there!

Clara Loeb

Drexel '23

Hi! My name is Clara Loeb, and I am a Nursing student a Drexel University. I love writing and am excited to be writing for Her Campus at Drexel!
Her Campus Drexel contributor.