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Have you ever watched the Muppets? The original Muppets show or the newer movies? They are filled with music fun, laughs, and breaking through the entertainment industry by disrupting stereotypes. 

For decades, there has been a major stereotype of males dominating the media Television Industry. The muppets have broken that stereotype not by their characters, but by the guest stars that have attended the show. In the 1970s, shows only had 22% of their characters as females. However, The Muppet Show had 50% of their guest stars as male and 50% as female. Although there were fewer Muppets that were female, their guest stars were well above the average. 

Not only did the attendance of guest stars break stereotypes, but the skits that were conducted were non-conforming to what society thought was supposed to occur. Some dances were between two male characters, seeing it as no problem. It was seen simply as charming or friendly, but if you were to look further into it, The Muppets Show fought against social norms of maintaining heterosexuality. When Elton John guest-starred on The Muppets Show, the episode ended with everyone in costumes and heels that were non-conforming, breaking the stereotype that based on your gender, you must dress a particular way. 

In Muppets Now, we can see a skit where Kermit goes on a “date” with several guest stars. Instead of having Kermit paired with a female counterpart, Kermit is paired with anyone or any muppet. Some dates he had gone on were with Ru Paul, and even Fozzie Bear going on a date with Seth Rogen. 

Here are two of my favorite Muppets that broke through stereotypes:


Although we might see Miss Piggy as one who loves fame and the glamour life, she is not one to take for granted. She goes against everything that encompasses a damsel in distress. In many movies, and different shows that feature the muppets, Miss Piggy is always independent and rights for herself. In The Muppets Treasure Island, Miss Piggy is the one that is fighting to save her life and her friends. She isn’t waiting for someone to come save her. Instead, she fights her way through. If you know anything about Miss Piggy, it’s that she is nothing less than independent. She will fight her way through anything and is one tough cookie, not a delicate flower.  

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Only introduced to us in The Muppet Movie, but is a huge character in breaking stereotypes. His name gives away his evil position he was in when we first see his character in the movie. But in the end, we see just how nice and caring he is. His name and his nasty features hide his loveliness and care for those around him. He helps the muppets in trying to regain their studio once again and in “muppets.” he is Miss Piggy’s assistant. His features misdirect the audience to thinking that he is of evil nature when in reality, he is a huge softie and cares much for Miss Piggy’s well-being.

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The Muppets’ ability to push through stereotypes adds to the charm that they bring with every movie and show that they produce. Watch some of their productions, and maybe you too can point out broken stereotypes!   

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