How to enjoy the spring without compromising your GPA

The weather is getting nice now and I know everyone would rather be enjoying the sun than sitting in the library studying for your next midterm. Unfortunately we still have to do our school work but I have put together a few fun things so you can keep your grades up but enjoy the beautiful weather too. Image courtesy of The Triangle

1. Find an outdoor study spot

There are so many little hidden gems on campus where you can go that is not the library. If you get distracted a busy quad is probably not for you, but there are so many quiet areas you can go to as well. I personally like going to the park, hanging up my hammock and studying that way. No one will bother you and you can soak up the sun while you do it.

2. Find an outdoor cafe/restaurant

For the most part, almost every cafe has outdoor seating. You get to be outside but also enjoy your favorite coffee drink. Do it by yourself or invite some friends and have a study session, there's always room for more and who doesn't love coffee???

Image courtesy of Runners World

 3. Go for a run outside

Do not waste your time waiting for a treadmill at the gym or waiting for that exercise class to start. I have fallen into the trap of waiting at the gym and procrastinating for hours taking up precious study time. Staying healthy and fit should not be time-consuming. So next time you want to exercise, find your route and go for a jog/run. It takes up less time than the gym and it’s a lot more interesting than staring at a wall for 30 minutes while you’re struggling to finish that last mile.

4. Schedule ahead to go out on the nicer days

Spring is unpredictable with the rain, but fortunately, we have weather apps that predict the next week. Do not plan to do something on a rainy day. Schedule ahead on the nicer days to do your fun outdoor activities, and the rainy days can be utilized to study and do what you need to inside.

5. Have your meetings outside

If you feel that you are cooped up inside in meetings and classes all day, contact your club/activity president and ask if you are able to hold meetings outside. It will overall improve your mood and wellbeing. Your activities may be stressful and being outside in the nicer weather can improve your overall performance and productivity. For the most part, there is no reason for them to say no and will keep you sane throughout those stressful meetings.

No matter what your circumstances are there should be no reason why the good weather has to ruin your GPA. Overall it should help you in the long run and doing these activities can actually improve your mental health. So go soak in the Vitamin D and strive for A’s and B’s this term!