The Hottest Picks of the NFL Draft

If you are not a football fan, you may not have heard that this weekend marked the 2014 NFL Draft, a three-day event where NFL teams pick from the cream of the crop of college players for their rosters. The first round of the draft is an exciting, televised event that draws millions of viewers, each awaiting to see which all-stars their home team will score. It also happens to give camera time to the usually helmet-wearing, secret cuties of the college football scene. To put it simply, the hotties of today’s draft are the Tom Bradys of tomorrow. We rounded up the top picks for your viewing pleasure, so when they show up at the Met Ball with their supermodel wifey you can tell all your girls you had a crush way back when.

1. Jadeveon Clowney

Pick: #1

Team: Houston Texans

Position: Defensive End

College: University of South Carolina

Clowney has been one of the names on everybody’s tongue pre-draft. He already has a gloves & gear deal with Wilson and a shoe deal with Puma and was previously, allegedly attached to Jay Z’s sports agency. He even recently appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where he timed Jimmy in the 40 yard dash and joked about still being broke. When asked what he will do with the big bucks coming his way, he said he will buy his mom a house. Say it with us: AWWWW! And that smile? Consider our hearts melted.  

2. Blake Bortles

Pick: #3

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Position: Quarterback

College: University of Central Florida

As a star junior quarterback with a beautiful, model-worthy girlfriend, Bortles seems like the typical Big Man On Campus – and according to his sponsorship deals, it looks like he is! He, too, already has major deals, with memorabilia company Fanatics Authentic and Tide. He’s also part of “Team Nike.” With his goofy grin and powerful throwing arm, he’s definitely a crush-worthy catch.

3. Sammy Watkins

Pick: #4

Team: Buffalo Bills

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Clemson University

It’s a shame that Watkins ever has to leave Clemson, because he just looks so freakin’ good in that orange uniform which is difficult to pull off. His speed and agility make him super tough, but when he cracks a smile, he just looks like a sweetie! (We’re sensing a theme here – smiles win our hearts!) The only downside: his hair might be better than yours. Ok, it’s definitely better than yours, but everybody brings something to the (imaginary) flirtationship, right??


4. Mike Evans

Pick: #7

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Texas A&M University

Working closely with the now-famous (or infamous? More on that later) Johnny Manziel, Evans rose to the top of the receiving game and scored a deal with Nike in the process. Though he clearly loves a good ink-job, don’t let his tatted up arms fool you. While other hopefuls had their entire extended families with them to await their fate, Evans had just two people: his agent (necessary) and his mom (aw!). A mama’s boy with a bad-boy exterior and puppy dog eyes? We’ll take one please.

5. Anthony Barr

Pick: #9

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Position: Linebacker/Defensive End

College: UCLA

Barr is known for being a massive player with both strength and agility – not an easy feat by any means. He made it onto the First Team All-American in 2013 and Second-Team in 2012, shining a light on his achievements on the field. ESPN even figured out that his hits deliver over 2,200 pounds of force, which is like being kicked like a horse. (WHAT?!?) We love his different hair styles, those pouty lips, and his strong jawline.

Honorable Mentions

Johnny Manziel

Pick: #22

Team: Cleveland Browns

Position: Quarterback

College: Texas A&M

“Johnny Football” (trademark pending) is known as much for his antics off the field as he is for being skilled enough to be the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Brandin Cooks

Pick: #20

Team: New Orleans Saints

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Oregon State

Obviously as the 20th pick in the NFL draft, Cooks is worthy of our list. Need more proof? When you Google Image search Cooks, the first result is “abs.”

Odell Beckham Jr

Pick: #12

Team: New York Giants

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Louisiana State University

Odell is the MASTER of the selfies. His scruffy goatee, his quirky smiles, and his cute sense of style make his Instagram one to follow ASAP

Darqueze Dennard

Pick: #24

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: Cornerback    

College: Michigan State

Dennard’s nickname is “No-Fly Zone.” In sports terms, I don’t really know what that means, but if his skills are anything like his smile we’re sure it means something good.


Jimmy Garoppolo

Pick: #62

Team: New England Patriots

Position: Quarterback

College: Eastern Illinois

Ok, he may have been picked in the second round but we're sure this photo says it all.