HC Favs: Katy Perry INDI Fragrance

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

We are closing our month of April Favorites with a certain American Idol judge’s newest fragrance. “INDI” by Katy Perry -- short for “individual”-- has made quite the impression on our members this month. Read on to hear the perspective of 6 girls and 5 different majors and their opinion on our favorite new scent!

Gif courtesy of Giphy

"I thought the perfume smelled very sophisticated. I love the black and white design of the bottle." - Bebhinn, Junior, Nursing

"The perfume has a very distinct fragrance and it exudes a confident and joyful attitude. I would definitely say it is a go-to perfume if someone is looking for a signature fragrance to kick start their day!" - Camren, Freshman, Fashion Design

"The packaging is pretty cute and minimalistic. The scent reminds me of a classic perfume with a touch of coconut. The fact that it’s sold at Walgreens is super convenient too." - Diane, Freshman, Criminology and Justice Studies 

"I feel like the bottle represents Katy Perry’s current style and aesthetic. It smells musky and fruity! This perfume would be great for someone who’s looking for a fragrance for a night out." - Nicole, Junior, Design & Merchandising

"I think the bottle of the new perfume is very stylish. It is not too big, so it will be easy to take it with you in your purse and refresh whenever needed. You can feel musk and floral tones. I was afraid the fragrance will be too sweet but it definitely isn’t. I liked how it was strong at first but became milder afterwards. This fragrance reminded me of warm summer nights." -Alise, Freshman, Entertainment & Arts Management

"I really liked the seamless packaging and bottle shape. The contrast of the black and white bottle was so cute with the gold stripe and the letter designs on the sides!" - Charlotte, Junior , Design & Merchandising

We are loving it--and so can you! Get it online (http://bit.ly/2Hof2uD) or in-store at any Walgreens!! Better yet, it comes as a body mist, and there’s a even a mini-version that comes with a Covergirl Mascara!