A Guide To Your Perfect Winter Shoes

'Tis the season but still that doesn't mean that you'll have cold feel in order to be fashionable, we got you covered!


In the words of The Starks, winter is coming. This means that it’s time do a little change in our closets and sadly say bye-bye to our beloved tank and crop tops, shorts, and sandals. Rumour has it this is going to be a strong winter in Philadelphia, and since this is gonna be my first time seeing snow EVER I wanted to make this guide to classify the different types of winter shoes you can have in your closet. Decide which ones could be the best fit for you!

Duck boots

These are a classic. Since the degrees dropped a little in mid-October, I’ve seen everyone taking the dust out of their duck boots and starting to wear them. They may not be the most stylish but they sure give you a great amount of protection, and when it comes to staying warm at this time of year I prefer that a thousand times.

 Image courtesy of Sperry on Instagram

Saltwater Duck Boots by Sperry.

Sperry is one of the most recognized brands of ducks, alongside with Sorel and L. L. Bean.


Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram

Bean Boots by L. L. Bean. Image courtesy of L. L. Bean on Instagram

Image courtesy of Shoes Crowd

Image courtesy of L. L. Bean on Pinterest


Moccasin Slippers

These are the perfect shoes to chill around your house and feel cozy all the time, or for when you wish you were cozy in your house but you have to drive around and do errands. It's like your feet never left from between the blankets.

Image courtesy of Carly the Prepster

Image courtesy of L. L. Bean on Pinterest

Image courtesy of Sorel on Pinterest

Image courtesy of UGG


Winter Combats

There’s also the trusty option of what I like to call “Winter Combats”, which are essentially any kind of boots that are combat-like (tall and with laces), but for the winter. This category is a little ambiguous; it could go from DrMartens to Timberland boots. It’s up to you.

Images courtesy of Timberland


Image courtesy of Dr. Martens on Instagram

White Leather Jadon Boots by Dr. Martens.


 Image courtesy of Dr. Martens on Instagram

WINTERGRIP Boots by Dr. Marten, a pair designed with enhanced slip-resistance, weather-resistant leather and Docs attitude.


Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram


Hardcore Winter Shoes

If you’re like me and get cold super easily or you’re going to a super cold place with a ton of snow for the break, then these may be the option for you.

Image courtesy of Sperry

Women's Shearwater Duck Boot by Sperry.



Image courtesy of Sperry

Women's Powder Altona Boot w/ Thinsulate ™.


Image courtesy of Timberland


Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram


Image courtesy of Sorel on Instragram


These shoes are so iconic and unique that they have a category of their own. Depending on your taste, you either love them or hate them. One thing for sure is that they look really comfy, no one could ever argue against that! We don’t want to get controversial and start the debate here, but I’m going to leave them here in case you want to consider them as an option.

Image courtesy of UGG


Sneaker-like Winter Shoes

Brands like Vans and Keds released version of their best-sellers for winter editions which are waterproof and really fluffy and cozy on the inside. If you’re a sneaker-crazy and love any of these brands, you should definitely check them out.


Image courtesy of Vans

Sk8-Hi MTE Winter by Vans.


Image courtesy of Keds

Ked's Scout Boot.


Finally, for those who can’t stand some winter shoes because they don’t fit their fashion standards, here I have some stylish winter shoes that some brands have come up with. I can’t make any promises that they’re going be cozy and offer enough protection, but I can tell you that they’re super cool!

Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram

Joan Wedge Shearling Boots by Sorel.


Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram

Kinetic Short Lace shoes by Sorel.


 Image courtesy of Sorel on Instagram

Blue Wedges for the new Joan Collection by Sorel.


Image courtesy of UGG

These bad boys are part of the collab collection between UGG and Y/Project. I like to call them "Ariana Grande meets the UGGs".


Image courtesy of UGG

Nothing screams more 'Holidays' than these.

Hope you can find your perfect pair this winter!