Five Ways to Save Money in College

The “broke college student” is not a new phenomena. Considering how the little bit of money that we seem to be able to obtain often goes towards books or materials for our classes, it would be nice if it could stretch a little bit further.


1.   For the not so foodie: Get OFF the Dining Plan

Image courtesy of BYU


College dining plans are often much more expensive than the actual amount of food that you end up eating. Instead of paying for food that you aren’t going to end up eating. Put aside the money that you would have spent on the dining plan. Create budget that allows you a certain amount of money for groceries and the occasional meal out and then save the rest.


2.  For the Coffee Addict: Invest in a French Press


Image courtesy of Wellness Magazine


The price of the latte can really add up over time , instead of buying one every morning get yourself some coffee making “equipment” and save the money that you would have spent on your daily coffee. 


3.  For the shopper: Use that student discount!!!

Image courtesy of Study Breaks Magazine

Many stores offer students discounts while shopping if they show student  i.d. In addition to that there are apps such as Unigo  inform you of deals that apply to college students after you make a free account. 

4.  For the Event-Goer: Attend FREE college events 


Image courtesy of the Surveys wonk

Many colleges have free or pay what you wish events through their performing arts programs, art galleries, and music programs. Obviously this is much cheaper than going to the downtown theater and sometimes even the movies. Just keep your eyes peeled for free events! 


5.  For the Artistic: Start some freelance work.


Image courtesy of Study Breaks 

Whether the piano, paintbrush, or pen is your tool, use it!! Doing freelance work gives you the opportunity to make money while practicing your craft. If you charge less you can help out other struggling college students by providing them with a more affordable option.





In conclusion find something that you are willing to give up, something your good at, or something you can compromise on and use that to save and make you money. There might be more to it than you think!!!