A Drexel Freshman’s Night Out as told by Club Penguin

Campus life at Drexel is a wonderful experience full of memorable days. In my time at Drexel, I have realized how accurate some of my favorite childhood games reflect a weekend in University City. My favorite example is Club Penguin.

Before the weekend starts everyone is excited to prepare for the weekend activities...

Then the realization hits.

But, wait, party on Powelton? Prep with some Ed’s, Savas, or PWS.

Of course like any good college freshman, one must perfect one's appearance before heading out..

Walking up to the party and you realize your jam is playing.


Then the dance floor starts to get serious.


…Everyone is feeling happy and one of your friends suggests a dumb idea... And of course you do it.

Then you realize it might not have been your best decision, so naturally you blame it on your friends.

After a few hours into the night, it starts to turn into a typical college story.

You see your crush and don’t have the ability to control your thought and actions.

At this point you are doing anything possible to catch their attention...

Even if you’ll probably regret it later.

And then, of course, you catch the wrong person’s attention.

Then you realize that while you were obsessing and trying to escape, you lost your squad on Powelton.

Then like any Drexel party, it eventually gets shut down.

So everyone stumbles back down Powelton to stop at PWS. You reunite with your squad and finally get the pizza you were craving.

Next is the all important trip back to the dorms. You have to summon their inner most strength to make it past Public Safety while looking in control.

You clearly did not fool them, but they were pals and let you in anyway.

Then comes the point in the night when everyone crashes and the bad jokes begin...

All you want to do now is wash of all your makeup and get into pajamas.

While changing you realize how you feel.. and you proceed to tell your friends.

You try to tell your friends to leave you alone.. but of course they don't and instead everyone is snuggling...

Feeling more normal, you begin to reminisce on the night's events...

And then you sleep the rest of the weekend away and it hits you....

Then the cycle repeats.  Have a happy weekend Drexel Dragons and I hope that you cherish these nights!