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Dress Like Drexel, Round 3

For the past two years (year one and year two) we’ve come up with some hilarious Drexel inspired Halloween costumes (how could we possibly top a PISB Biowall costume?). Well, we’ve done it again! With so many installments published in this series, I feel like it doesn’t even need an introduction. However, my managing editor insists that I have one, so thank you all for returning for another year of satirical Drexel costume choices. Make sure to show your school pride with these Drexel-specific costumes; they’re guaranteed to be great conversation-starters and amazing memory-makers.


1. An old person who just finished paying off their Drexel debt

Have you ever had that recurring nightmare of not being able to pay off your Drexel debt? Make fun of this situation (that’s the best way to handle scary things, right?) and dress like yourself 50 years in the future. You can shake your wrinkly finger at all the scantily dressed freshmen warning about the expenses to come. “Avoid the booze, sell the books!” is your motto and coincidentally the future inscription on your tombstone.

Costume idea: Pulled back bun, silver hair/wig optional, plain clothing, cardigan, sensible shoes, mom jeans, a cane


2. Drexel Administrator

Grab some monopoly money and tape it to your best suit for a miser themed costume highlighting the least-liked employees of Drexel who seem to always have money everywhere. To really complete this outfit, complain about high beverage prices then humbly brag about your multiple vacation homes. Wear your Drexel pin proudly on your lapel though, you don’t want to be confused for just any school’s wealthy administrator.

Costume idea: Suit, monopoly money, sunglasses


3. A Public Safety Officer

Finally that neon puffer jacket hanging in the back of your closet can be used for something other than an 80’s party! Pay homage to the guardians of Powelton pizza places by dressing in the previously mentioned neon coat and accessorizing with a turned-up-too-loud walkie-talkie and a dark bike helmet. Offer to escort that cute, toga-clad boy home, as long as he doesn’t live past Spring Garden since you *technically* aren’t authorized to monitor past that street.

Costume idea: Bright yellow windbreaker/poncho, blue polo, black slacks, black shoes, optional walkie-talkie


4. The last member of the DAC PAC

Remember when Drexel’s basketball team use to be good? Yeah, neither do we. We also used to have the best student cheer section in Philadelphia, but that’s hard to maintain if there isn’t a team worth cheering for. Grab your free Gold Rush T-shirt from Freshman orientation and cheer on the basketball team and defend them to the death, even if you’re the only on campus doing so.

Costume idea: Drexel shirt, optional D-fence sign, face paint and megaphone.


5. Halal

Show your love for all things halal by printing out images to match the falafel cart design or cover yourself in Styrofoam. If you can replicate the delectable aroma from the cart, even better! You’ve got some costume options here. You can wear a green top for the salad and brown/tan bottoms for the rice/meat then tape colored strips of paper all over to represent your favorite sauce combination. Or you could dress in all white or all red to be your favorite Halal Sauce. Combo over rice, emphasis on the extra hot sauce ;)

Costume idea: Mentioned in article


6. A Powelton Bike Crash Victim

Don’t be fooled, having so many bikers on campus is great! What isn’t great, though, is that half of them seem to forget they need to follow the same rules as cars. This means driving in the street and stopping at red lights. With the big hills and the endless battle between pedestrian and peddler, a bike crash victim suitably represents one of the many dangers Dragons face on a daily basis. Whether you choose to be a biker or a pedestrian, rip your jeans, create some fake wounds, and carry around broken handlebars or crutches as your arm candy for the night.

Costume idea: Ripped and bloody clothing, broken bike pieces or bones


There you have it, six more ways to Dress Like Drexel for Halloween! Have a safe Halloweekend! If you’re brave enough to try any of these Drexel costumes, please share them with us (Instagram: @hercampusdrexel)!



Lindsey is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in operations management & bus. analytics. She has been with Her Campus Drexel for four years and was CC for the middle two. Along with living the city life, she takes an active interest in street style, putting together puzzles and binge-watching her current Netflix obsession. She actually calls Montana her true home so now you can say you know that someone actually lives there ;). When she's in Philly, you can find her in Center City scouring the racks of thrift stores, Old Navy, and H&M if she's not on campus enjoying the multiple food trucks or catching up on the readings she put off until the last day.
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