Cute Date Ideas For This Valentine's Day

With Valentines Day coming up you all folks must be wondering how to make your day super special, yet without too much work. Well, if you’re looking for cute date ideas, read on as this article consists of the five best ways to celebrate the day.

1. Movie Night

Image Courtesy of GirlsLife

Plan a classic movie date with a cup of hot chocolate or some popcorn. As Valentines Day is on a working day this year, planning a proper date maybe stressful. Well, here’s a simple fix. Play The Notebook or The Vow and spend some quality time with your loved one.

2. Ice Skating

Image Courtesy of A Dating Blog

Go on a little romantic adventure of ice skating. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful and romantic sport. Take some cute pictures together and grab some dinner on your way back home. You’ve spent a few good hours with your boyfriend.

3. Fancy Dinner

Image Courtesy of BODY-HEALTH

Fancy dinner date in a restaurant with a view. While this may be a little costly it’s always the thought that counts, right? Take your date out to an amazing place and surprise him by wearing a dress that is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. 

4. Sky Full of Stars

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Explore a little with your date. Go to an observatory and look at constellations together. This is indeed one of the most romantic date ideas. If Jamie and Landon from The Walk to Remember spent their night watching a sky full of stars, you could also stargaze and share a very beautiful moment with your partner.

5. Penn's Landing

Image Courtesy of Visit Philly

Go to Penn’s Landing. Enjoy a walk with your date and share a cup of hot coffee and a sweet pretzel. 


Valentines Day is one of the most special days of the year and definitely the one time when you can express how you truly feel about your partner. Make the best of this opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you and have the greatest day!