Cold Weather Essentials for the Holiday Season

Winter is the time of year for short days, beautiful decorations and holiday spirit all around. When we do have to go out in the cold weather, it’s usually all bundled up, layering every piece of clothing we own into some concoction, only leaving enough room for us to be able to walk. We’ve rounded up some easy pieces and styling tips in order to really help you bring the heat this winter. 


1. Statement Coat 

Image courtesy of Who What Wear 

This winter, let your coat do all the talking. Whether you opt for a classic camel, soft faux fur or loud plaid, not only will you be making a bold statement but you will make your styling job much easier! Throw it on top of your favorite sweatpants and hoodie combo or a more professional blouse and trouser. The combinations are endless! 


2. Neon  


Image courtesy of Garage

Some winter days can be dark, boring and dreary. Add some neon pieces to the mix to brighten things up! The staple piece of the season can be rocked easily with either contrasting color combos or naturals such as black, tan or white. Layer some accessories such as your favorite necklaces and you’re ready to go. 


3. Florals  

Image courtesy of coveteur

Florals are not just for spring! We repeat florals are not just for spring! As seen on the runway from a plethora of different designers such as Prada and Dries Van Noten, reviving flowers for the cold weather is just what’s trending right now. Keep the memories of the warmth and the hope for a quick spring alive with your floral prints this season.

4. Wax Yellow 

Image courtesy of Who What Wear

Through research done by Who What Wear and Edited, we can easily conclude that Pantone’s shade 11-068, Wax Yellow, is the color of the season! Take a break from your classic blacks and whites and elevate your style while maintaining warmth with this mature color. Since it still falls under the neutral category, it can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. 


5. Plaid 

Image courtesy of Who What Wear

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with plaid! Whether it’s Cher’s look from Clueless or the classic Burberry trench, plaid isn’t going anywhere and is certainly still here to shine this winter. You can mix it with more prints for a funky multidimensional look or have that be the statement piece of your outfit.


Winter doesn’t have to be the time of year when you lose your spunk! Through bright colors like neon or classic prints such as florals or plaid, you can still let your style shine this season. Trust us, winter will fly by and we’ll be worrying about spring looks before you know it.