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Catherine Smith, Drexel Student Ambassador

Catherine Smith, who is from Maryland, is currently a five-year pre-junior majoring in information systems at Drexel University. She became interested in Drexel’s Student Ambassador Program when she visited campus on Accepted Student’s Day before her freshman year when her college decision was still up in the air. She talked to the ambassadors during the tour and they inspired her to attend Drexel. Catherine, now a proud Dragon, holds the position of student ambassador.

The ambassador position consists of guiding families around campus and sharing facts and opinions about Drexel. Catherine also gives tours on event days, accepted student days, and open houses. When students are accepted to Drexel but still are unsure of their college decision, campus tours can provide some insight into what they can expect if they were to attend Drexel. For Catherine, it was the final push she needed to officially become a Drexel Dragon so you can see that these tours can be very influential. Event days are specific tours for the future student’s major or program. Catherine is one of very few ambassadors in the College of Computing and Informatics.

Being an ambassador is a genuinely special job because ambassadors are one of the first impressions of Drexel that prospective students receive. The attendees of these campus tours are obviously high school students looking for the perfect college to attend. There are many factors that play into their decision, but Catherine and the other ambassadors could potentially be the inspiration for them to attend Drexel University. Catherine’s role is that of Drexel insider – you can explore the campus and talk to the faculty all you want, but ambassadors give you inside information and a more honest opinion of the school as on-campus students.

The best thing about being an ambassador, according to Catherine, is making someone feel like the tour she gave “sealed the deal” and made them want to become a Dragon. “On the other hand, it is also difficult refusing to convince someone to attend Drexel when they just don’t feel like it’s home for them,” she said. One reason for this might be if Drexel doesn’t offer the major they are interested in. Catherine also loves to incorporate things she learns in class into her tours, which showcases the breadth of information Drexel students receive.

Once Catherine graduates from Drexel, she wants to pursue information systems. However, she is still figuring out what exactly the right niche for her is within the field. She also really wants to work with people. According to Catherine, if there is one thing she has learned from being an ambassador, it is that she does not want to be stuck at a desk all day. Her position has improved her ability to answer on-the-spot questions with ease. Catherine believes she has also improved in public speaking as a result of her position. She genuinely enjoys talking to people, no matter how many dad jokes she has to endure while on tours.

When Catherine is not spitting Drexel facts and answering the questions of worried parents about the dorm halls, she likes to explore the city of Philadelphia. The Rocky Steps at the Art Museum are her favorite part of Philly. She also plays club field hockey at Drexel and watches shows and movies on Netflix.

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