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Céline to Celine: “One Trick Pony” Hedi Slimane

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Attention Phoebe Philo, SOS. 


So Phoebe Philo has stepped down as creative director of Céline and Hedi Slimane has stepped in as successor at the minimalist fashion empire. Previously, he was creative director at Yves Saint Laurent but famously dropped the “Yves”. He is now attempting to do the same for Céline, changing the logo in September 2018 to now read as simply “Celine”. According to the WMagazine, Celine stated changes have been made with “spacing between the letters has been balanced out and the letters have been brought closer together” to create a more simplified “1960s Celine” inspired change creating quite a controversy.

What’s more? At Fashion Week FW 2018, Hedi Slimane showcased his first collection for “Celine” and boy was it different. Not only did it completely rip off of YSL designs as a whole, but also the fashion house was barely recognizable as compared to Philo’s stunning textures, artful layering, and sophisticated silhouettes. Fashionista, named Silmane a “one trick pony” that brought nothing, but “emaciated rocker-glam” with him to YSL and did the same exact thing for Céline. Displaying, 00 size models strutting run-of-the-mill type leather jackets, Rock’n’roll tuxedos, sequined jackets, and baggy leather trousers available in a large quantity. 

However, there is an Instagram account adorning the old Céline quite literally called, @oldceline, providing an artful archive and tribute to Phoebe Philo’s helm at Céline from 2008-2018. So if you’re in urgent need of the old Céline, (and I’m sure many of us are), you know where to go.

We have yet to see where Silmane will go next, but from what we’ve seen thus far… it’s not pretty.

Rest in Peace Céline. 


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