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Breakdown of the 2016 Dragon Concert Series

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Each academic year at Drexel, the Dragon Concert Series (DCS) hosts a concert series, which usually includes an annual fall term concert, Fall Fest, and an annual spring term concert, Spring Jam, which are both usually hosted in Lot F on 31st and Ludlow streets. In past years, the events were held in collaboration with the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA), Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC), DAC Pack or LeBow College of Business. In 2014 we got the pleasure of seeing 2 Chainz and Big Sean at the annual Fall Fest concert. Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa graced the Fall Fest stage in 2015 and then Steve Aoki visited for Spring Jam earlier this year. However, you may have noticed that we are in week eight of fall term 2016 with no sign of any concerts on campus. What’s the deal?

Wiz Khalifa at Fall Fest in 2015.

Her Campus at Drexel noticed this lack of a musical performance, so we reached out to a source close to CAB to get the inside scoop. According to our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the reason there was no Fall Fest this year was due to a lack of time and sufficient funds. Apparently, the concert will be moved to winter term. “CAB has no part in it for the time being. The Dragon Concert Series (DCS) [allegedly] got SAFAC funding too late in the term, so there wasn’t enough time to secure talent, marketing or ticket sales so they moved it to winter term,” the source said. There’s apparently a lot of confusion within the DCS team, according to our source even the general body members don’t know what’s going on as of late.

Flyer for Spring Jam 2016.

We are interested to see how Winter Fest (??) will pan out and who will be performing. Hopefully the show won’t be an outdoor event since the temperature will probably be frigid. There is currently no word on the venue, talent or ticket sales for the concert. Additionally, our source had no information about Spring Jam 2017.

Do you have any guesses about the venue or performers for this alleged winter concert? Let us know on Facebook (@Her Campus Drexel) or Twitter (@HerCampusDrexel)!

**Editor’s note: We will protect our source’s right to anonymity. We would also like to point out that DCS and CAB are separate entities who have collaborated in the past to present Fall Fest and Spring Jam.  

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Ariana is a senior communications major and a writer for Her Campus at Drexel University. She loves to learn about pop culture, sex and gender, and is currently working on her senior project researching communication about sexual health on campus. Her go-to binge-worthy shows are Friends and Sex and the City.