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Best Online Stores for the Perfect Holiday Dress

It’s officially holiday season. Holiday season a.k.a. a fun-filled season where there seems to be a thousand parties, dinners, events where you need to make an appearance. I have done some serious research into the best sites to find the perfect holiday dress. Whether you’re looking for a classic Christmas dinner dress, an itty bitty sequin number, the perfect little black dress with a twist, one of these websites will have it.


Missguided is my go-to website for every dress I have ever needed. No joke, I have been shopping here religiously since freshman year of high school. Missguided just has the trendiest dresses at a decent price range. And a decent price range for me usually means under $75. They also have the craziest sales going on 24/7 and discount codes to use year-around. 


Meshki was a shop that constantly popped up on my Instagram feed as a sponsored post or I would hear one of my favorite influencers mention. But when I was shopping for my birthday dress (pictured above), I decided to give them a go. Now, Meshki can be a little on the pricier side but they still have a good amount of dresses under $100. Their website is my favorite one of the list because the pictures are so HD. If you go for a dress that is pricier, it’s worth it because you’re paying for the quality. 

Pretty Little Thing

Okay, so if the dress you were looking for wasn’t on Missguided, it’s probably on Pretty Little Thing. Both stores are very similar but I usually go for Missguided over this one. PLT has more basics in a large variety of colorways which is super helpful if you want a certain silhouette but maybe not in a boring color. They have very inexpensive prices and a large selection of little black dresses. With both Missguided and PLT, they have a variety of sizes and you can filter if you are tall, petite, or plus size. 


Yes, that says Amazon :) This was a surprise to me too, but they save me every Halloween and have a pretty good selection of basic dresses. I wouldn’t go to Amazon for that statement dress but they’re amazing for a specific color body con dress. And you can find some dresses on Amazon Prime!


Asos is a secret weapon to getting a dress that no one else will have. This website has a massive selection of all styles and they have many that are on the more modest side. I would recommend using Asos to fill your family dinner/party needs. They also the easiest store to find your correct size and the site give the model’s size when you’re shopping. 

House of CB

If you have a bit more coin, then you have to go to House of CB. Their dresses are a dream. You will live your full IG baddie/blogger dreams at this store. House of CB’s quality and styles cannot be beaten. But sometimes, you can find dupes of their dresses in one of the stores listed above!

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Samantha is a lavender-obsessed, puppy-loving, design and merchandising freshman from Drexel University. She is always spotted at Urban Outfitters, in the studio, or reading a book.
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