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The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

This week on The Bachelor the women that were eliminated in season 20 came back to talk about their experience. This is my favorite episode of each season as the drama is at an all-time high. This episode was no exception, so continue reading below for all the dirty details. Beware of spoilers!

The first woman to be addressed for her scandalous behavior was Leah, the woman that told Ben that Lauren B. was not being genuine with him. When the other women asked Leah on the show if she was the one who had said it, she lied and said that she wasn’t. Becca called Leah out for lying and Leah responded with “I didn’t intentionally lie.” Nobody seemed to buy Leah’s story and Leah did not apologize for any of it.

The drama continued as Jami and Amber attacked Jubilee for allegedly saying that she was “the real black girl” on the show. Jubilee denied saying that but she did admit to saying that she was the “full black” girl (because that makes a difference). Jami and Amber said that they did not like her from the beginning because of that comment and Jubilee apologized. Finally, Jubilee talked about her military service and how she is now a sergeant in the reserves.

Next, Lace was in the spotlight and talked about how her life was going since she left. As Lace talked about how much she learned about herself on the show, a fan in the audience wanted to express how much he liked her. He came on stage and showed her a tattoo he got of her face. The fan took off his shirt and Chris Harrison took a picture of the fan with Lace. After all of that, Lace confirmed that we would be seeing her this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

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When Olivia took the stage things took a turn for the catty. Emily and Haley were ready to rip Olivia to shreds for being a bully on the show. Amanda called Olivia out for the insensitive comments that Oliva made about her being a mom. Olivia apologized to the girls on the show and any mother that she may have offended with her comments. She also revealed that she was bullied as a child and the remarks that the girls made about her toes and her breath were hurtful.

Next, the still heartbroken Caila shared the details about her recovery after her breakup with Ben. She said that she loved Ben a lot and still does. She also said that she hopes that she will find someone who looks at her the way that Ben looks at Lauren and Jojo.

Finally, it was Ben’s turn and he talked about the big trouble he was in being in love with two of the women on the show. He discussed just how in love he is with the woman he intends to choose and said that he would get married tomorrow if he could.

Next week we will find out whom Ben chooses to propose to and who he sends home in heartbreak on what Chris Harrison will most likely describe as the most dramatic finale yet. Tune in to next week’s episode and make sure to check back here for the final recap of the season.

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