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The Bachelor Recap: Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

This was the final week of The Bachelor and Ben has chosen the woman who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately this means that he had to send another woman home in heartbreak. Keep reading to find out who Ben chose and who was sent home in tears. Beware of spoilers!

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Ben’s parents were flown to Jamaica to meet both of the remaining women. Ben told his parents that he was in love with both women. His mother was not happy that Ben was in love with two different women and said that she was “disgusted”. They all agreed that Ben had a huge decision ahead of him.

Lauren was the first to meet Ben’s parents and she arrived with flowers and a bottle of wine. She and Ben reminisced about their first date when Lauren had said that she wanted to meet his parents. Lauren then talked to Ben’s father and told him that she is ready to be married. Ben’s parents really liked Lauren and his father said that she was very polished.

Next, Jojo met Ben’s parents and she brought them a flower arrangement inside of a seashell. Ben and Jojo seemed very relaxed and laughed at a few inside jokes around his parents. Jojo told Ben’s mother that she did not want to lose him and she told his father that Ben is everything that she wants in a man. Ben’s parents also really like Jojo.

Later, Ben had his last one-on-one date with Lauren. The two began their date cuddling on a yacht. Ben seemed to have a lot on his mind and Lauren picked up on it. She tried to get Ben to share what he was thinking but he would not fully open up about his confusion. Finally they arrived at a beach where they talked a bit. After their date, they returned to Lauren’s suite to talk. During their conversation, Lauren began to figure out that Ben also had feelings for Jojo.

Next, Ben had his final one-on-one date with Jojo. Ben and Jojo rode off in a jeep before walking through a jungle. Finally, they arrived at a waterfall and went for a swim. When the couple sat on the rocks to talk, Ben revealed that he was confused about which woman he had stronger feelings for. Later that day, Jojo and Ben were talking in Jojo’s suite and she was looking for a sign that she was the one. Instead she found out that Ben also told Lauren that he was in love with her.

Ben was still confused about which woman to propose to until he was picking out engagement rings with Neil Lane. He then picked out the perfect ring for the woman that he planned on proposing to.

Finally it was time for Ben to choose who to marry and who to send home. The first helicopter landed and Jojo stepped out. She walked up to Ben and confessed how much she loved him only to be let down when he told her that he loves Lauren more. Jojo was blinded sided and Ben walked her back to the limo. Jojo rode away in tears and even Ben was crying.

Next, Lauren’s helicopter landed and she walked up to Ben nervous that she would not be proposed to. She confessed her love for Ben and when she was finished Ben told her that he could not live without her. Ben proposed to Lauren and, of course, she said yes!

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Sadly, this was the final episode of season 20 of The Bachelor. It was sad to see Jojo leave in heartbreak, but luckily it was revealed that she’ll be back as season 12’s new Bachelorette. Congratulations to Ben and Lauren, we can’t wait to see the wedding!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.