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ASA President Laurene Milan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.



Laurene Milan

Age: 21

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Easton, PA

Class: 2015

How did you become involved in your sorority? I have always wanted to be in a sorority. When I came to Drexel I had the opportunity to talk to Rho Gammas at orientation who encouraged me to sign up for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment. I went through recruitment that fall and believed that ASA could be my home away from home.

What is your position and what does it entail? I am the president of ASA and it entails filling out reports, overseeing the chapter and working closely with the executive and advisory board. Being president also involves other things like being a representative for my chapter at campus events and showing my dedication and passion for my chapter.

What does your organization accomplish? This past year, after countless hours of hard work, we reached a goal that we seek to accomplish every year. Our chapter was bestowed the honor of Four Star Chapter, which is the second highest award given to only four ASA chapters by National Headquarters. After being recognized by our National Headquarters, our chapter continued to blossom and develop confidence and pride.

What is the best thing about being your position in your sorority? The best thing about being President of ASA is that I get to establish a unique relationship with active sisters, advisors and alumnae. I love having the opportunity to go to events to talk with everyone and anyone. It is great to be able to work closely with position holders inside and outside of ASA and watching younger members of ASA’s chapter grow into women of poise and purpose.

What is the hardest thing about it? The hardest thing about being President is balancing the time commitment, work, and responsibility it requires and the rest of my commitments as a student. Because I’m on call 24/7, I’m constantly checking my email and answering text messages and phone calls. This has allowed me to come to the realization that no matter how much coffee I ingest, I am not wonder woman and can’t do everything on my own. Luckily, I have an amazing support system of executive board members, position holders and advisors to help me out!

How has it affected your time at Drexel? Being ASA’s President has provided me with the skill set and opportunity to develop life-long friendships, achieve academic and professional goals, and become a leader. I have been given the opportunity to interact with girls from different backgrounds and interests.

What do you want to do after you graduate? After I graduate, I want to go to graduate school for Human Factors and Ergonomics. Traveling and trying new things is definitely on my list of things to do as well!

Has this experience influenced your career or co-op path? Yes, absolutely! When I joined the chapter, I met Olga, an older sister and a biomedical engineer, like myself, so I immediately sought her help registering for classes with the best professors. I even ended up getting her old co-op position, giving me the opportunity to work with her outside of the sisterhood.

What are your other hobbies & interests? I love the arts, music, exploring the city, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends, hosting gatherings and enjoy meeting new people!

Aubrey Nagle is an English major at Drexel University. She is currently a Features intern at Marie Claire and has previously interned Seventeen and Philadelphia magazine. She loves everything about pop culture and someday hopes to be a culture critic or an Entertainment Director for a women's magazine or national newspaper.To view her clips visit aubreynagle.contently.com and follow her on Twitter @aubsn.