ALiEN8 – a Must See Musical Premiering at Drexel This Fall

When planning fun things to do and looking for events to attend, we often overlook what's offered at Drexel. This Fall, I encourage you to explore events on campus and not to miss gems like ALiEN8 – a world premiere of a new musical!

ALiEN8 is the first show of the 2019-2020 season for the Drexel Co-op Theatre Company. The musical is written by playwright and Drexel faculty member David Lee White and composer Kate Brennan.

The musical is about a midwestern town that's affected by a devastating tornado on the school's prom night. After the disaster, only two-thirds of the town survive. A mysterious creature, who calls itself "Eight", appears and soon the town's residents are forced to face the shameful issues of their past. ALiEN8 "is creating intergenerational conversations about gender and sexuality but most all, love and acceptance."

General manager of the Drexel Co-op Theatre Company and Entertainment & Arts Management student Margaux Cattelona believes that music is the best part of the show. She also says: "The cast is unforgettable. The designers have put so much work into the show already. David Lee White's passion for the show amazes me every time he speaks about it."

The show is a part of the Mandell Professionals in Residence Project (MPiRP) at Drexel. This program, possible in part by the support of the Samuel P. Mandell Foundation, brings "theatre and dance professionals on to the Drexel campus for performances, production, and instruction." MPiRP allows Drexel students to learn from and work with professionals while developing high-quality productions. Not only does this program enhance the learning experience for performing arts students, but it also provides access to exceptional cultural experiences for other Drexel students.

Image courtesy of Kate Brennan

ALiEN8 is also created in partnership with Ignition Arts – a nonprofit arts organization based in Oklahoma City that is committed to the development of new plays. Last winter, Ignition Arts hosted a workshop for ALiEN8 at Oklahoma City Contemporary Museum of Art. A video of the finale from ALiEN8 at Ignition Arts is available here.

Margaux says: "ALiEN8 is special to me because of this partnership and the development process of the piece. The writers, Kate Brennan and David Lee White, had discussions with middle-school-aged children and used their input to create the show. They used improv games and really delved deep into what the children wanted from the show."

Add ALiEN8 to your calendar and don't miss the unique opportunity to be the first to see this musical! Support fellow students that have put hours of work into making this show happen while emerging yourself in an excellent theatrical experience. ALiEN8 runs in Mandell Theater from November 15th to November 24th, with previews on November 13th and 14th. Tickets are $10-$25 and available for purchase here.